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Nov 25, 2007 12:22 PM

Wild Game in Ontario

I have recently found out that wild cariboo can be obtained in Quebec from Inuit with a selling permit . This would be almost the only legal game sold. Does any cariboo from Nunavit or the Yukon come to Ontario?

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  1. Cariboo can be purchased through very good buthur shops through out the city. Or there is a company i know that you can order from called The Farm, or La Ferme. It is based in quebec but if you go online you can get there website and fine out places where they sell. I have puchased Yukon Cariboo from them last year for a boys hunting party.

    1. Yes - caribou from NWT/Nunavut is legal to "import" as long as it has the correct paperwork/'export licence". So several restaurants do bring it in.
      However, I'm almost certain you can't bring "provincially Inspected" meat from Quebec - only 'federally' inspected. hence you can't LEGALLY bring game in from Quebec (at least not caribou - only federally inspected is legal, which covers most common meats).

      1. One person to check is Dr. Lyle Renecker, a wild game nutrition consultant to aboriginal hunters/ranchers across the world. He recently spent 2 years trying to import reindeer/caribou meat from Greenland but may have given up over the political and legal barriers raised. He runs an elk farm in southern Ontario and his phone number can be found on his website,