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Nov 25, 2007 12:04 PM

one duck leg

i was mildly disappointed in the thankgiving dinner i attended this year. some of the food was very good, but a lot was kind of blah. anyways i thought about making up for it by making myself a single thanksgiving dinner, without having to worry about anyone's food preferences or nostalgic needs or phobias. with that in mind, i picked up a whole duck leg, since i don't really like turkey anyways. i've never cooked duck before, but i want to be able to use some of it's fat rendered off to boost my dressing. would you cook a single duck leg for one person? braise? roast? steam to render fat, and then roast?

thanks for any suggestions. i've start looking over my cookbooks but i think only my chinese cookbooks even mention duck legs, and i'm not going for that flavor profile.

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