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Nov 25, 2007 12:03 PM

Raley's/Nob Hill - Fresh Diestel turkeys $10 (approx 15 lbs)

All fresh turkeys on sale at the El Sobrante store ... can't say if the rest of the Raley's are offering this deal ... just a printed sign in the store's window about the price. There were three left when I was shopping about 12:30. Not many shoppers in the markets today, so they might not sell out immediately.

They also had other fresh turkeys for the same $10. The Raley's natural turkeys were about 20 lbs.

And El Sobrante had LOTS of the meat marked down. I got two nice lamb chops for $2.50. There was lots of chicken and some beef marked down.

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  1. Thanks to your post, I went down to my local Nob Hill (Capitola) in search of discounted turkeys. I had two turkey dinners this year hosted by others, so kind of missed roasting one myself and having plenty of leftovers.

    They had a small section of assorted fresh turkeys (Zacky, Nob Hill, Foster Farms) all for 49 cents per pound. I didn't see any Diestel so asked a clerk if they had any in back. Fortunately, the butcher said "yes" and I requested the smallest one they could find---nearly 21 lbs. There seemed to be an additional discount at the register since my 21 lb. bird rang up to be an incredibly cheap $7.83!! What a deal...

    The turkey is roasting as I type this and I'm looking forward to my THIRD T-giving meal!

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      Wow. I'm jealous, but happy someone could take advantage of this. That's about what someone paid PER POUND if they ordered their Diestel turkey this year through the Williams Sonoma catalog.

      Might be good to cruise Raley's/Nob Hill just after Christmas and New Years to see what didn't sell and pick up some deals.

      1. re: rworange

        Wow, Williams Sonoma sure can have crazy mark ups, especially considering that Diestel's are sold everywhere now! Just finished up dinner and am happy to report that the turkey was very tasty! It could have benefited from being a little smaller and dry brining for at least a day, but now I have all these great turkey leftovers for the week. Turkey rice porridge, turkey divan, hot turkey sandwiches...

        I generally don't care for Nob Hill, but these rare visits are certainly worthwhile. Their wine section was pretty underwhelming (not as good as the local Safeway), but the Goats do Roam red from South Africa for about $8 was not bad for the price.

    2. Thanks for the thrift alert! Here's my post on the California board,

      1. I was so bummed out I saw this too late. Went to someone else's house for Thanksgiving, so no leftovers, other than the small plate we brought home. The Nob Hill in Mountain View said they had a pull date of Nov. 25, and the birds blew out fast when they were marked down that far. I will definitely be on the lookout next year, if I'm not hosting Thanksgiving myself.

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        1. re: Hao Chr

          Well, as mentioned in another reply, check Nob Hill out after Christmas and New Years. I love the policy they have of marking down meat when it is close to the sell by date.

          And Melanie, had to look at the picture. I was curious if you bought the 38 pound turkey (no). The biggest turkey I ever bought was in the high 20 pounds and it almost didn't fit in the oven.

          1. re: rworange

            Very interesting to compare the stock and gravy made from Willie Bird fresh parts last week with the result of Nob Hill's house brand turkey. No comparison. Willie Bird was so much more flavorful even though I had less meat and bones in the same volume of water. Less fatty too. I'm glad we paid so little for Nob Hill turkey. It has about one-third the richness of flavor to contribute to the stockpot. Sorry I couldn't get my hands on a Diestel for comparison.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I've always thought there was a difference in brands ... different breeds of turkeys, different methods of being raised. Who knows. I might do your Diestel/Willie Bird comparison. Family was scattered this year so I didn't eat any turkey on Thanksgiving. Friend and I went to China Village. Anyway, I was thinking of turkey for Christmas and I haven't been to that Willie BIrd shop yet which I want to do. If Raley's has any Diestal turkey mark downs after Xmas ... who knows ... I might do a turkey a turkey stockdown. That will keep me in soup till spring.

              I prefer a Diestel to a Willie Bird, but I've never bought one from the source.

              1. re: rworange

                Can you post your take on China Village in a new thread?