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Nov 25, 2007 11:43 AM

decent eats in Oxford?

I'm fairly new to Oxford, and though the groceries are good (unless you're longing for Vietnamese), I haven't yet bought a meal anywhere that I thought was worth the price. Any recommendations?

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  1. I'd recommend a couple places in Oxford.
    -For Japanese, Edamame on Holywell St is my favorite ( Their opening hours are a bit quirky but the food (especially the katsu kare, the ramens, and the sushi) is great. The owner is very nice.
    -For Thai, Chiang Mai Kitchen is very, very good. It is just off of the High Street near Starbucks.
    -For dim sum, Liason is probably the best in Oxford. Peninsula does standard Chinese well.
    -For Indian, Chutney's (across from St. Peter's) is good, but I don't eat Indian that often so there might be better in Oxford
    -I liked the tapas at Kazbar, in Cowley. Half price between 4-7pm on weekdays.
    -The Hi Lo Jamaican restaurant in Cowley is good fun, and the food is excellent
    -For soups and baguettes (and specialty items), Olive's on the High St is great. Their raspberry muffins are amazing.
    -I've heard good things about Brasserie Blanc, in Jericho, but have yet to go.
    -Covered Market - Brown's for breakfasts, Ben's Cookies for great (but expensive) cookies.
    -G&Ds for ice cream is pretty much obligatory. The pistachio flavor and the Greek yoghurt and honey flavor are both good.
    -The Chinese grocery store on Hythe Bridge St has a good Asian selection
    -Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons has two Michelin stars... never been myself, but I would expect it to be good.
    -It is impossible to find consistently decent coffee in Oxford. I also can't find Tex-mex/Latin cuisine, BBQ, or Vietnamese here, but that is a bit much to expect.

    Hope that helps, and welcome to Oxford!


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      As someone who lived in Oxford until last year, I must say the local highlights for me were 1) Chiang Mai, 2) The Covered Market. We also enjoyed Al Shami in Jericho (across the synagogue). For pub grub, the place we liked best was a locally owned pub next to the river in Osney (there are two pubs there, the one we liked is the one that's further away from Botley Rd.) Beware: service was always ludicrously slow.