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Nov 25, 2007 10:55 AM

How is Taste on Melrose?

Comments on food quality, portion size, seating comfort, etc...all welcomed. Is this in the old Noura space?


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  1. Greg - no, the noura space is now Comme Ca.
    This is the former Bourbon Shrimp space just east of Lucques.
    Ate there once, and it was ok, yet not all that interesting as I recall. Was also about 1.5-2 years ago. Room is sort of an update of the Cafe Figaro look further west on Melrose from about 20 years ago!!!

    1. ate there less than a year ago and i thought it was good and would recommend it - remember having a pasta dish that was very tasty, nothing amazing but solid hearty food - and i remember the french fries being really good - desserts not so spectacular - wine list so-so

      1. It's a solid, fun and casual spot. Yes, the fries are great.

        1. Very underrated if you ask me.

          Food quality and portion size are excellent particularly in the context of price/value. The space itself is warm, modern and cozy. My girlfriend and I go there regularly as one of our default spots when we can't think of anything else and we're never disappointed. They have a stellar kobe cheeseburger that seems like it's never included in the great burger debate, a fine pork chop spiced with cumin and served along white truffle oil and mushroom mac & cheese, and an invented ravioli that varies daily. As a carnivore the former are my faves, but the rest on the menu are fairly solid, again particularly for main dishes under $20.

          1. We ate there for breakfast/brunch a couple of months ago & were not impressed with the selection (only about 5-6 items on the menu to choose from), the service (maybe they hadn't had their coffee yet, but they mostly ignored us) or the food itself (I had the crab cake benedict -- the brioche had really black grill marks and tasted of charcoal). Portions are decent, but not really worth the prices being charged. We sat on the patio & felt cramped (too close to other tables & no real privacy -- we ended up listening to everyone else's conversations). We would choose Blu Jam Cafe further on Melrose any day over Taste.