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Nov 25, 2007 10:53 AM

Town Hall

My niece lives in SFO so when I am in town we try a new restaurant together. Our tastes are similar and wallets are comfortable. I will be in town in a few weeks and we have a res at Town Hall. All I've been able to find about it is from 2005 and it's all negative. Is this still the case. She tried to get a res at Sociale, but it is booked.

Thanks for any guidance,

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  1. I have always enjoyed my meals at Town Hall, and over the past few years I've eaten there probably at least ten times (mostly lunches but a few dinners). I would caution, though, that it can be very noisy there, so if you have issues with noisy restaurants, it may not be the place for you. It isn't my favorite place in San Francisco, but I've never had a bad meal there. The last time that I was there I had great fried chicken, I love their jalepeno corn sticks, they have really good fish and chips, and their salads have fresh and very good ingredients, with excellent dressing (and not too heavy of a hand). The portions are sizeable.

    1. As good as Sociale's food might be (haven't been, only heard), hard to believe it is booked "a few weeks" in advance. Try

      Here's another thread that went around for Town Hall. I don't know if they have the fish & chips at dinner.

      1. I wasn't that impressed with Town Hall. It wasn't bad, but it was a pretty forgettable meal. Which restaurants in SF have you tried, and what did you like (and dislike?) We can probably make better recs if we know what you've enjoyed in the past.

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          Thought I'd add my 2 cents on the fried chicken... I thought it was inferior to the one at Declancey's Welcome Table (Oakland), not superior to the one at Merritt Bakery (Oakland), and while I had fried rabbit, not chicken, at Chez Panisse, that bunny ran circles around Town Hall's chicken.

        2. I agree with Daveena...I've been twice, both times was disappointed. I think there are many better places. Have you tried Ame, Myth, Coi, Quince...

          1. I really like their tuna tartare on fried green tomatoes and the jalapeno corn sticks. The tasso-encrusted pork chop is also good (and huge). Everything else is less memorable.

            If you haven't been to Ame, Nopa or Perbacco yet, I'd recommend any of those over Town Hall.