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Nov 25, 2007 10:47 AM

What would a Sydneyite want to try most, in NYC? [moved from Australia/NZ board]


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  1. Bagels
    Corned Beef
    Mexican food
    Papaya King

    all stuff available here, but just not quite right somehow...

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      1. re: kmh

        that was a rubbish answer on my behalf. I guess in reinforcing sandra's list and also in agreeing with PhilD (as I always do - sycophant that i am).

        what I think most people are interested in are (a) what is distinctly unique to, and different about a city , and (b) how people in that city get on, with a little glimpse of (c) what is out there (but often unrealistic on a day to day basis).

        for me that encompasses a mix of street food, bistro fare, pubs and bars I like, locations, and wandering and absorbing life around you, and occasionally pointing out the "famous bits". (we get a lot of american tv here)

        I personally love browsing through delis in different countries and I think that the whole jewish deli scene in NYC would be fascinating for anyone outside NY. likewise with central american quarter of NYC - it's a culture we're not frequently exposed to, and I imagine that would be colourful based on what I know from my puertorican-newyorker buddy now married and living in Sydney.

        I hope that's a bit more helpful!

    1. It is always good to get under the tourist facade of a city. Where do locals eat rather than the restaurants in guidebooks. High quality, innovative cooking at a price that mortals can try. Just like Sydney I suspect as lot of the great food is in these local restaurants with young chefs making a name. Impossible to navigate unless you have a great guide.

      I would love to go to Per Se but simply can't afford it. On my trip I had a beer in Baltazar and that was very NYC, we had a good meal in a small hotel around the corner from the Greenwich Village Apple shop and that was funky, on the opposite corner was a really lively, grungy bar full of characters (and I think it served Italian food). Tried Little Italy and got lost in the choice so ate badly, went to a diner in Times Sq. which was average, and tried a few other without a lot of success.

      I knew there was great food lurking under the surface but couldn't find it. Best tip is that if you like good food simply take a visitor to your local haunts....unless it is the "Downunder Pub".

        1. re: purple goddess

          I don't know about buffalo wings. Do they make good ones in the city? I've never been wowed by them outside of Central and Western NY. Definitely pizza: Totonno's, Lombardi's (even if just for the history-first pizzeria in the U.S.), Grimaldis. A hot dog at Papaya King or Gray's Papaya, pastrami at Katz's or Sarge's Deli, FRESH, WARM bagels from H&H then go across the street to walk through Zabar's, breakfast at Barney Greengrass. Street pretzels can be good and it is an iconic NY smell for me, but so often I've had bad ones that are dried out, so it can be hit or miss. Bialy's from Kossars, doughnuts from the Doughnut Plant, Pickles from The Pickle Guys, gelatro from Il Labratorio (sp?), browsing at Economy Candy (from Kossars to Economy, these are all in the same neighborhood).

          1. re: billyboy

            There definitely are great buffalo wings to be had in NYC. Blondie's and 1849 in particular. A search of the boards yields ample info.

            I'd avoid the nuts listed below, however. They always smell much better than they taste.

        2. Katz' deli
          Keen's steakhouse (yes it a steakhouse, but it's a classic NY steakhouse)
          If you are coming around tthe Holidays you have to get a little bag of hot nuts from a cart. You'll also need to grab a big pretzel. And the suggestion for a hot dog (or dirty water dogs as I lovingly call them) is NOT rubbish. You need a NY street vendor hot dog.

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          1. re: Spiritchaser

            the comment was, that the lack of information on my first post was rubbish, thus the additional post to explain. RDGDS