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Nov 25, 2007 10:46 AM

Dr Pepper's sausage stand in Fenway?

Was just watching a video on Youtube featuring ECG's Hell Night on the Phantom Gourmet. In it, Chris mentioned that Dr Pepper runs a sausage stand inside of Fenway which actually has Inner Beauty there. Does this still exist, and if so, where in the park is it?

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  1. "IN" Fenway? nah,,, i've sen him outside both on Lansdowne and on Yawkey, never In Fenway.

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      Was wondering about that. I believe they said "in", but I had a feeling it was "outside".

      1. re: jgg13

        But Yawkey is "in" Fenway on game days...

        1. re: pamalamb

          Good point. Also could explain why I've never seen it as I avoid that portion like the plague.

    2. Dr. Pepper can be found at the Sausage Connection stand on Lansdowne Street by game day ticket sales. He is outside of Fenway not inside, they are the second stand (yellow) down on Lansdowne Street and yes they still have Inner Beauty.

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      1. re: zoenik

        Found it last night. The IB sauce was on special request status it seemed, as it was behind the counter - but after I asked I noticed the dude making my sausage ask the folks behind me if they wanted hot sauce.

        I dunno that I'd go out of my way to get it again - the flavors didn't blend all that well for me. Also, the nature of the beast, being hand held, led to sauce all over my hands which could have led to disaster ;)

      2. Yes. He's outside the park on Landsdowne Street and is VERY MUCH worth seeking out.

        The sauce is his homemade take on IB and you must ask him for it --- it's not out with the condiments. It's delish. A sausage with onion/pepper and IB is a craveable thing, IMO.

        It was also very sweet that he remembered me from past seasons.

        1. Although I am lucky to go to Fenway fairly frequently, I only finally tried Dr. Pepper's sausage stand. Wow. The hot sauce was fantastic. My eyes were watering a bit (in the good way). There were lots of peppers and onions, which resulted in a delicious delightful mess.

          1. If you can't get to Fenway, I suggest trying to snag a copy of Chris' book, "Big Flavors of the Hot Sun". It is old and out of print, but you might be able to find it used on sites like Amazon or It contains not only a recipe for *Home Style Inner Beauty Hot Sauce*, but one for the Fenway style sausages that use it, as well.

            I have made this more than once. Awesome. If you can't make it to the playoffs, or Opening Day 2010, get a copy of this book and try making it at home!

            Oh, and this sauce keeps almost forever. With all of those habaneros in it, nothing dangerous even THINKS about trying to live in it!

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            1. re: catmommy9

              Great find! I've added it to my holiday wishlist :-)

              1. re: catmommy9

                I have the book and, should you not be able to find a copy, could potentially post the recipe in the "Recipes" area if enough people need it.