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Nov 25, 2007 10:16 AM

Must eats in Troy, MI & vicinity (20 min.)

My sister, who is not a hound, is moving to Chicago area in a couple of months. My parents are currently visiting her so I was looking for suggestions as this is probably their last visit to the fair state of Michigan. Even if it is one dish, I'll take it! My family likes Persian/Mid-Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Thai & to a lesser extent Italian.

Capital Grille is my sister's go to place for steak & we always go to Anita's Kitchen for our mid-eastern fix (close by, casual, good). On my last visit, I ate at a hamburger place in Royal Oak or Birmingham(?) which is apparently an institution and was also mentioned in the WSJ. That place was good but too dark to take my dad. Oh, I've also had the chicken in Frankenmouth. I will be happy to return the favor when you visit San Francisco!

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  1. There are lots of great/good places in Troy and area......

    If they like Indian, I would suggest ASHOKA on Rochester Rd between Wattles and Big Beaver. It's hidden in a strip mall. The food is consistantly good and always packed, especially later in the evening. My friend, who is from India, took us originally I think she said that it was northern Indian, but don't quote me.

    I think the burger place you might be referring to might be the RED COAT TAVERN on Woodward in Royal Oak. So good, but long lines on the weekends.

    Forte' on Old Woodward in Birmingham is ecclectic and the food when we were there was very tasty. Better than we expected walking in the door.

    Last week we returned to a restaurant that we hadn't been to in a few years and were pleased with our meal which made us wonder why we had been gone so long. It's in Auburn Hills at Squirrel and Auburn Rd. called BISTRO BOURDEAU. American menu and moderately priced.

    One place they should hit before leaving town is TOAST in Fendale. It's on Woodward north of Nine Mile. Only open for breakfast and lunch. Their menu is one not to miss.

    A place that has opened on Maple in Birmingham is RED MAPLE CAFE. Open 9-5 and has a similar menu to TOAST.

    I just gave you a list of locally owned places that won't be in Chicago and there will be so many to choose from there. I'm sure that others will also give you many other choices.

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      Make that the Maple Leaf Cafe. It's on Maple, between Old Woodward and New Woodward. I have not tried it.

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        Sorry about that I went with a friend she called it that and I never paid any attention. Try it the food was good!

    2. Thanks! What do you recommend at Bistro Bourdeau & Toast (bkfst & lunch)? I believe my sister has been to Ashoka (& likes) & Forte.

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        At Bistro Bourdeau there is a salad that I love with butter lettuce, orange slices and pecans. The dressing is wonderfully light, but with lots of flavor. My husband had a fillet that he said was great and we also had a shrimp that I think was marinated in lime and cilantro, which was very tasty. I had a shrimp and scallop risotto and all I can remember is how tasty the scallops were and I usually don't order them.

        Toast has the best Huevos Rancheros! However, their menu has so many unusual items that I don't know where to start. I meet a group there occasionally and we all order the Rancheros. However, I've had great dill & sour cream potato latkes, banana pancakes, just plain fresh fruit and granola. The last time I was there I had the best spinach and feta egg white omelet that I have ever had (outside of my own house). They have sandwiches and salads, also. The atmosphere is funky/retro and tell them to be prepared for a line, if they go on a weekend.

      2. I'd head for Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills. For Persian (apparently the only one in the state) try Pars Retaurant

        Chinese is lacking authenticity in metro Detroit (Chinese-American prevails). However, two places to check out are:

        (1) Hong Hua


        (2) Mon Jin Lau (not on Orchard Lake Rd. but closer to you in Troy)

        And Orchard Lake has several Indian restaurants along the way between Hong Hua and Pars.

        Happy trails.

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          Mon Jin Lau is on Stephenson Hwy. at 15 mile I think. it's nouveau Chinese and it's phenominal. I've had numerous superb meals there and a couple of wine dinners there with Banfi of italy and Rosemount of Australia back in the mid 90's. You can't go wrong here.

        2. Grouper, thanks for the recs, TOAST looks grrreat. I wish I had known about CH before my visit last Christmas!

          I will let me sister know about the Persian & Chinese. As for the latter, I am so used to eating here in the Bay Area under $10 per dish that I'm always taken aback when I see a menu in the price range of Monjinlau. It does look good though! Actually, I also gasp when I see the prices of wine at Trader Joe's & Costco there too:-)

          Again, thank you, thank you!

          1. Toast is a good choice. One of my favorites and in the same general area is The Fly Trap. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. My rec for Indian would be Rangoli in Auburn Hills. They have the BEST Indian buffet around in my opinion. If you are looking for a place in Royal Oak, Bastone or Andiamo's have been quite good.