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Nov 25, 2007 10:15 AM

Some places known for their chicken wings

Hi, I'm looking for places that have exceptional chicken wings. I'm looking for places that have multiple preparation styles.

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  1. When you say multiple preparation styles, are you referring to different sauces?

    I've had the best sauces at Plucker's. (I love their spicy BBQ flavor.)

    1. I like the wings at Pluckers: NOT breaded, pretty crispy skin, they have a variety of sauces they'll soak 'em in.

      Plus their homemade potato chips are fab and their salads are good. To me, a nice side salad is a great accompaniment to the wings.

      1. I like Plucker's better than others I've tried (eg., much larger wings than Wing Stop, and I hate how Wing Stop absolutely drowns them in sauce). Check out their dry sauces/seasonings too: I love the ranch seasoning, and cajun is good too. Never tried their chips but they had good waffle fries.

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        1. re: renz

          I have to disagree. Although I did like several of the sauces that I have had at Pluckers, I think the quality of the chicken is not that great.

          I have eaten at Pluckers two times and both times the chicken wings had feathers and feather nodules left on the wings. These remaining feathers is generally a sign of lower grade chicken or an inept supplier.

          I do not remember if there is a size differential between Pluckers and Wing Stop, but it could be true. With specific instructions I think Wing Stop wings are better. If you request them well-done or extra crispy (the only food I prefer that way), too much sauce shouldn't affect them as much.

          On a side note, Wing Stop has tasty fries that were potatoes earlier that day and great ranch for them (and blue cheese for the wings).

          1. re: Chefdavis

            I am obsessed with buffalo chicken and have been searching for the best in Austin. I SO miss the buff-chick I could get in Boston and NYC, delicious!

            I agree with you and think Pluckers wings and strips are downright atrocious. I've eaten there several times and been consistently disappointed. Aside from the wings and sauce being mediocre, the dressing that is used for dipping is of low quality as well. I think it's funny that they charge you for it if you use more than one little cup. Their reason is that they "make it in house." Shouldn't every wing shop make their own dressing in house?? Weird reasoning...

            Anyway, Casino El Camino, IMO, has the best authentic hot wings in Austin. The hot wing sauce is light and buttery, and the bleu cheese dressing is fresh and tangy.

        2. Billy's on Burnett has great wings. The "shaggy" wings, with a Jamican jerk sauce, are very popular and oh so delicious.

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          1. re: missmitzi

            I second Billy's Shaggy wings. Crave them all the time.

            Also agree that Pluckers is just horrible...I mean horrible-horrible. I even had a gift certificate and thought the weren't worth it.

            1. re: missmitzi

              They don't do the Shaggy wings anymore...bummer.

            2. Wing Stop (I usually go to east riverside location) - Great sauces (Hot, Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, hawaiin bbq are my favorites) - GREAT french fries, homeade ranch and blue cheese dressing. Wings have a nice crispy skin exterior. The smallest wing size around though.

              Pluckers: Large wing size, many different sauce choices. I honestly usually go with the Chicken sandwich dunked in whichever sauce you please, with a side of waffle fries.

              Daddy's (formerly BW3) on 6th - large size wings, didn't care for sauces.

              Haven't tried but I heard are good: Casino El Camino ("Hot" only though)

              Favorite alternative "wing": Mexican White Wings at The Tavern (12th and Lamar) - slice of chicken breast and pepper wrapped in bacon, deep fried, tossed in spicy wing sauce. Cheap on Thursday nights after 8pm.

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              1. re: LakeLBJ

                Wingstop bonless habinaro pineapple

                1. re: whoeverdroid

                  I had the worst service in the world at their Parmer Lane location, will never go to them again. Also the wings are anemic. Good fries though.