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Jun 1, 2006 11:51 PM

Crixa - 2 items

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Any excuse not to get on the freeway at 4:30 this afternoon, seeing Adeline off in the distance, landed me at Crixa. First of all, it was slim-pickins time of the day. But there were a few appealing choices left.

(1) Fatima's Thighs. I had one, in the car. I'd give it an "ok." I thought maybe there'd be some more nuanced flavors given its ingredients, and maybe there were, but I missed them. Maybe I was just very hungry and didn't pay attention to what I was eating. But I thought I was...

(2) Carmella. I had it this evening. "Moist chocolate chiffon cake with vanilla whipped cream, bittersweet chocolate mousse, and butterscotch caramel."

The verdict - mixed. I liked everything but the cake. The cake just either didn't fit the rest, or it was an off day for the cake. I thought the mousse, cream, and caramel were very very good. It gave me optimism for everything made with these products. It is the only cake product I've had there to date, so I can't make any conclusion.

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  1. I can recommend the apricot horn. Flaky pastry (although dense, not at all like a croissant) and a delicious, sweet-sour apricot filling. It's perfect with afternoon tea.

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      Seeing these posts, I am compelled to reveal a very negative experience at Crixa. I ordered a chocolate cake for my young son's birthday. My request that the rum be not added to the recipe was documented, after the fact, by someone at the bakery. The reality was -- I have downed plenty of Cuba Libres to be able to discern rum -- the rum was not excluded. My son hated the cake. I was unhappy. Worst of all, however, was the arrogant, nasty attitude of the people at Crixa when I called to complain. I don't care how good their stuff tastes, I will never, never go there again.

    2. 2 items again (each cut in half, shared)

      1) Carmella (again) - better than the time before.
      2) Boston Cream Pie - from the "it was ok" department, yes, it was ok. Not high on the list of things to get again.

      The little Almond Cake with raspberry I ate in the car (as I ate it in the car, and it wasn't either item 1 or 2, it doesn't count) was really good.

      1. as caesar may have said, crixa menu is divided into three parts:

        1. things i really, really like, and semi-objectively, their
        version is better/richer than others
        [vatrouchka, kiflis, agree on the little almond cake]

        2. things i think they do a good version of, but i dont
        personally like that much. [i like the crusts of some of
        their fruit pies, but dont like the overall item that much]
        if i wanted to pick up a fruit pie for somebody else who was
        a fruit pie connoisseur, i might go to crixa.

        3. the "why do you bother" items ... agreed on the Boston
        Creme Pie, and some of the other "puffy cakes".

        the fruit/nut/pastry items seem to be a core competence.

        there are some weird items like GREAT FLODINI and another
        similarly shaped item which were pretty good, but i think
        te vatrouchka was a better deal.