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Nov 25, 2007 09:07 AM

Replacing butternut squash

I really, really hate the stuff. Ditto for nearly everything else squash-like. For the past few years, I've made a southwestern cornbread dressing (Sunset) at T-giving that is always a smash. However, I really, really don't like the squash. My family threatened me when I told them I didn't want to make it this year, thought about just leaving the squash out but didn't want to disappoint anyone. It's a mild flavor but adds moisture and texture, any suggestions on a suitable non-squash replacement?

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    1. Ditto I don't what all the fuss. I raised it in my garden years ago and used a sweet potato receipe. Recently I made spiced butternut squash and tossed half of it in the garbage.

      1. After all the hoopla about roasted butternut squash and soup, I just made some this afternoon. Maybe it's me, but it's just bleh.

        I far prefer sweet potatoes. I think roasted chestnuts would work as well.

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          ...or maybe it's the recipe you used. I made two batches this past week, one using chicken stock and one using vegetable stock. They were BOTH delicious. I roasted the squash for both -- I think it makes for a naturally sweeter soup. On the first we used whipped cream dusted with freshly ground nutmeg for garnish; on the other we used toasted pepitas. I also use a few granny smith apples to perk up my soup. There are so many variations of butternut squash soup, and it's sooooo healthful. If you want to try it again, I'll be happy to post my recipe.

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            CindyJ -- would you mind posting your recipe? I've only had it in restaurants; it's probably the reckless use of butter/cream that makes the difference between restaurant and homemade. (Isn't it always?)


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              I watched America's Test Kitchen when they did their show on butternut squash soup, and the trick for flavor was to saute the strings & seeds from the squash in butter and then simmer in stock, strain off the solids, and then use that stock with the "meat" of the squash for the soup. They determined that most of the flavor was actually in the innards that are thrown away.

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                What an interesting idea. Hmmm. About how long did they cook the "innards"?

        2. If you really don't want it or any of its flavor cousins (such as sweet potatoes), how about another watery vegetable like zucchini?

          1. assuming you don't want anything squash-like (i.e. pumpkin) or potato/yam, another idea might be carrots. other veggie options: turnips, parsnips, or even cauliflower.

            for just moisture and a fleshy texture, you might also consider adding diced apples (Romas being less sweet)