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Nov 25, 2007 08:45 AM

"Buffalo Wings & Beer" - Parkville

Has anyone been to one of this small chain of restaurant/bars? One will be opening up in Parkville Shopping Center at Taylor & Harford Roads, in the former Bullseye bar and grill. Being "wing nuts", we're curious as to their offerings and whether the place is family-friendly. The demise of the Bullseye was kind of depressing in that it once was a great place maybe five years ago, but it must have changed ownership and went quickly into a tailspin. Northeast Baltimore needs an economical beer and burger joint that isn't full of chain-smoking barflies or too-loud music (think Dead Freddies).


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  1. Hey
    I just came from the White Marsh Mall tonight over yonder in Perry Hall and they have a BW3s there by the Sports Authority. Used to love going to that place in college, had like .25 Cent Wings tuesday and Boneless .45 Cent on Thursday. It is family-friendly I think..I take it your kids and your family like to drink beer and watch sporrts?

    8200 Perry Hall Blvd is where it is at...Not sure of the place in Parkville. But Perry Hall is close.

    1. There are several new BWB's opening up in the area. There are smaller then the BWW's that was mentioned in the other reply. They have a fairly desent beer selection at most of them, they all have pool tables and a sit down area that I guess they call a dining room. I didnt see them as being very family friendly but that is my opion. I guess give it a try if you don't like it atleast it won't cost you an armanda leg

      1. Yeah, the BW3 is a different chain, very predominant in the eastern mid-west. I didn't know they were that close to the metro area - but it makes sense.

        It's been awhile, but I've had BWB quite a few times. I think I always got the supercock if I was ordering. I thought they were very good along prototypical lines - a very good standard wing. To be clear, this is praise. However, they weren't the rare wing that makes you want to drive out of the way for, or tell others about wildly, etc. But I would easily recommend them as long as they're anything like they used to be.

        As far as family friendly, I was mainly familiar with the Germantown location which had pool tables and a smattering of tables to eat at, but it was for all intents and purposes a carry out place. Maybe other locations have more to them - I can't say.

        1. How about Koco's Pub below Parkville?

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            Any updates on the BWB in Parkville?

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              Was supposed to open today 1/11 but now I hear Monday 1/14........They should wait until next Friday.

          2. The original comment has been removed