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New Food Processor

I think I need to replace the Robot Coupe which I love (30 years old and running strong) because I have had to replace the bowl once a year at $99 a pop. I have an 11 cup bowl now and am considering a 14 cup Cuisinart. I don't know what the difference is between a 768 watt DLC-2014N and a 3/4 horsepower induction MP-14TM. Can you explain the difference or make recommendations? Is there another food processor that size that is better than the Cuisinart?

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  1. I can't help with the watts but I have the 14 cup Cuisinart as does my mother and my MIL. We all love it.

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      Me too!! Have had it for many years, and it works like a charm!! Love it! By the way, why did you have to replace the bowl every year? I must have had mine for ten or more years, and I have never had to replace the bowl.

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        I had the original bowl for about 27 years. Then the part that moves down to press to start cracked and the spring fell out. The second one did the same thing but after only two years. This one which I got in April is cracking at the top of the spring cylinder. I don't think it is anything I am doing but the quality of the bowls I am able to get. At $99 each I am starting to think about replacing the whole processor even though I don't want to. I have all the blades and the wider food spout so that moves the price of a new one up significantly.

    2. I can't comment on the power question but my mother, my MIL and I currently all have a Cuisinart 14 cup. We love it.

      1. I have baked professionally and I have to wonder what you are doing that you needed to replace a bowl on a Robot Coupe once a year? R-C's are extremely overbuilt and will absorb misuse on a daily basis for years. Did you look into the possibility that a stainless bowl will fit on your R-100 model?

        If you can break the bowl of a R-C, I doubt that you will be happy with a Cuisinart designed for a residential kitchen. I have a 11 cup Cuisinart that I have had for more then 10 years and it works fine, and has the original bowl, though slightly scratched.

        1. I am so glad this post is here. I too am shopping for a new food processor. I have an ancient Hamilton Beach that is almost 15 years old and believe it or not still works, except the shredding blade is broken. I don't know if I want the Cuisinart (I love my Cuisinart coffee maker) or if I want the Kitchen Aid (I also love my stand mixer.). I'm waiting for all the after-Christmas sales.

          1. Excellent question! I too have decided to put a food processor on my Christmas list. My mom told me I need to decide ASAP.

            The Cuisinarts you guys are raving about here -- are they relatively simple to operate??? I notice that some of these (a la 11-cup with touchpad) come with a 45-minute instructional video --- ak! Scary!

            How about this Cuisinart Classic? 7-cup, for $129.99
            too small?


            How about the Cuisinart 11 cup Prep Plus? Same price as the 14 cup. Not sure why -- I guess b/c it has the touchpad.

            Maybe seven cup would be better. I don't even know what size I would go for - I make mayonnaise, dips, hommus all the time. The blenders aren't doing the job as well as a food processor would, I think.

            14 cup seems huge, but maybe it's not??. I've always made due with a blender before.

            1. I have a kitchen aid food processor (11 cup I believe). I really like the small bowl insert. I really don't use it much. I think a 7 cup would have been plenty big enough for my needs.

              I just bought my mom the cuisinart 7 cup lower-end model. It is the same as the previously mentioned and only 99.99 at bed bath and beyond and you can use a 20% coupon on it. I thought that was a great deal as it was 119.00 at kohls on their early bird special.

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                I think the 7 cup is big enough for what I need, too. Here's the one you mention at BBB, and YES on the coupon! :)


                The 11-cup Cuisinart is $200 with a $20 manufacturer's rebate, then the 20% off too -- $140 after all of that. Not bad.


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                  Shop around. I just purchased received a Kitchenaid from Bloomingdales. They offered a 20% discount during a private sale event and also took an additional $25.00 dollars off. We received savings certificates worth $45 dollars and in addition Kitchenaid is offering a $20 mail in rebate. LNT sells the 12 cup model for $199.

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                    very strong vote here for the kitchenaid. i love, love, love mine. don't get me wrong, the cuisinart is fine, i use to have one. but the kitchenaid is definitely better. [i even convinced my mom to get one when her cuisinart died, and she's thrilled - she completely agrees it's a better machine.]

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                      Yes -- I've been reading amazon recs and other chow threads and hearing that more people vehemently vouch for KitchenAid. Is it easy to assemble and use??? It seemed easier than the Cuisinart (neither the LNT personnel nore I could get the CA work bowl detached from the base yesterday!). I will not use it if it's tricky to put together... which size would you guys suggest??

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                        I might as well weigh in on this one. I stumbled across this deal a few days ago on Amazon:


                        It's a darned good price ($129.95 for the black one) and Kitchenaid is also offering a $20 rebate, but you'll have to dig a bit for the form as I didn't save the URL.

                        I couldn't resist. It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

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                          i have the 7-cup [KFP740].

                          and yes, its simple to assemble and use. the bowl locks onto the base much more easily than the cuisinart.

                2. WOW -- what a deal, dg!

                  Here's the $20 rebate:


                  *Qualifying models: KFP750, KFPW760, and KFPM770, (all colors) --which includes the Amazon $130 deal linked above.

                  1. Another vote for KitchenAid here. Mine is relatively new (since September) so I can't comment on longevity issues yet, but here's my $.02:

                    -the combination of a big work bowl & a smaller work bowl is terrific. If you just want to make 2-3 cups' worth of something, you don't have to use the big bowl and scrape the splatter off the sides. It doesn't look like Cuisinart provides this (I could be wrong?)

                    -very simple to use. It has just 3 buttons: On, Off and Pulse. My mom has a Cuisinart and finds all the safety catches to be kind of a PITA -- it won't turn on unless everything is just so. I haven't tried hers so I don't know if it's just her ;-)

                    -it's STRONG. Haven't used it for bread dough yet, but nothing so far has slowed it down, even momentarily. (I have the 12c/700w) It does take a little getting used to, i.e. you dump in tomatoes and they are pureed in 2 seconds. I think probably both Cuisinart and KA are pretty seriously overpowered. (KA could probably have a lawn mower attachment FCOL)

                    -easy to clean, although again I can't compare with Cuisinart. Whatever you get, the wide mouth feed tube is important so you can get in there to clean it out. Also, the touchpad means there are no "in-between" areas for crumbs or batter to get lodged in. Just wipe down the outside.