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Nov 25, 2007 08:08 AM


Here are a few from my neck of the woods...which are yours FLA?

1. Casa Juancho - Little Havana, Miami, FLA (Bar & Lounge)

2. Cafe Tu Tu Tango - Coconut Grove, FLA

3. Tapas y Tintos - South Beach, FLA

Very honorable mention: Michy's and Social (Miami, FLA)

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  1. El Carajo -Citgo station @ 17th & US1. Though I've heard unfortunate rumors that the chef has left.

    Bodega Wine Bar (?) Giralda between Ponce and LeJeune

    Copas y Tapas - Miracle Mile

    Xixon - haven't tried yet but have heard good things - Coral Way

    El Carajo International Tapas & Wine
    2465 SW 17th Ave, Miami, FL 33145

    2101 SW 22 ST, Miami, FL 33145

    Copas Y Tapas
    98 Miracle Mile, Miami, FL 33134

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      The best tapas place I have been to in a while is Pimientos in Miami Lakes. My friends and family like Paella Seafood Grill in Pembroke Pines, but I was disappointed by them in my one and only visit.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        Second the El Carajo vote. Though I haven't been for a couple of months... tried to go there last Sunday but found out they close on Sunday...

        1. re: Frodnesor

          Just want to report back that the rumor is true - the chef has left. My hubby was there tonight and he was not happy with the food... Guess time to give the other contenders a try!!

          1. re: tarepanda

            I may cry. Maybe he's at the other Bird Rd. location which I've heard about.

          2. re: Frodnesor

            Frod: I've been to both locations for El Carajo and I personally like the one off of 57th Avenue much more. I find it very cozy and the atmosphere is great. Just interested in your opinion if you've been to both...

            1. re: 2top

              I second La Barraca...always wonderful and good service. Also, the flamenco dancers are entertaining!

              1. re: 2top

                I have Tapas on the brain thanks to the news about Michelle Bernstein opening a place in the domo japones spot (design district). Curious how La Barraca compares to the places mentioned in Miami, Xixon, el carajo etc Thanks

              2. Honorable mention to Canela Cafe around 50th & Biscayne. Not the most authentically Spanish, but charming and fun.

                5132 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

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                1. re: Frodnesor

                  I'll gladly second your Canela Cafe props summed it up well.

                  Once upon a time, I stumbled upon a really cool gallega-ria right behind the old soda fountain pharmacy on what I think is Bird and Ludlum here in the MIA? Can anyone confirm the name and how it is? I was sure sorry I ate the burger at the fountain/farmacy after seeing this Spanish emporium. They have a store full of groceries from Spain and the tables were all a buzz with authenticity.

                  1. re: netmover

                    You's probably thinking of Allen's Drugstore on Bird Road and Red Road (57th Avenue -- Ludlum is 67th). I don't know where the Spanish grocery store is around there, but I haven't been back to that area in a few years.

                    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                      Too weird Lou, when I was a kid, I lived in SW Miami, just down the road from Allen's!

                      Gonna miss you Saturday, hope we can make another get together soon.

                      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                        You are correct BBVL it is Red Road and U2 Frod for the name, Delicias de Espana.

                        How's the Wine merchant from calle ocho doing in their new digs? They have those awesome pressed sandwiches and vino by la copa. I forget the name. Calle Ocho and the 40's? Kind of a french tapa thing there with those ham sammies.

                        1. re: netmover

                          Would that be Sabor de Espana? Also good....

                          1. re: netmover

                            Are you talking about "Best Time Wines", Net? Or something like that? My father loves that place...he loves going on a saturday afternoon, ordering those serrano ham pressed sandwiches, and sitting on a wine barrel drinking a glass of wine.

                            which sounds pretty good right about now....

                            1. re: jessicam29

                              sounds good...sounds GREAT! I got to find their new digs and myself a barrel + +

                              We hooked up some awesome apps or should I say taps at Casa Juancho the other night. Beef Solomillo with match stick fries were scrumpteous. Fish Croquettes with the Vinaigrettica were devine. Fried Seafood Malaguena rounded out our Tapa buffet....woops, I forgot the Crema Catalan....Yowser!!!

                              ....afuera pa' la calle....8...that is....

                              1. re: jessicam29

                                The French guy from Best Times is now more often found at Happy Wine further west on 8th Street. Best Times closed. The entrance is around the back and has grapes drawn on it. The whole operation looks like one of those bad day car centers where poorly educated single mothers are forced to send their kids. In fact, I think there is one of those infamous Miami parking lot playgrounds bext door. Inside, however, you find a dark jungle of boxes piled from roof to ceiling and their famous pami sandwiches, manchego chunks, and delicious salads all served lovingly in the latest styrofoam plates. The best part are the corner warrens for intimate, claustrophopic seating. It's confusing, but the wine is great and clientele knowledgable.

                          2. re: netmover

                            Yes, Delicias de Espana, and we've had them cater some small events for us before, but I've never just eaten a meal there. Thanks for reminding me!


                            1. re: netmover

                              You are refering to Las Delicias de Espana. They have been there for years and make a mean "potage de garbanzos" ( chick pea soup/stew). However, they have gotten a bit pricey the last couple of years.
                              My vote for best tapas goes to Xixon.

                              1. re: cubelle

                                ok cubelle cough it up! where's this place called Xixon and why is it so great?

                                1. re: netmover

                                  Xixon is on Coral Way around 27th Ave. I keep on wanting to try but it's on the wrong side of the road as I'm heading home.

                                  2101 SW 22 ST, Miami, FL 33145

                                  1. re: netmover

                                    I think the address for Xixon is's actually 1801 Coral Way. My family is borderline obsessed with this place. Its just a really authentic tapas restaurant. It can be crowded at peak times and the atmosphere is kind of weird (it's on the bottom floor of what I assume is an office building), but the food cannot be beat.

                                    I love the garbanzos fritos, bacalao fritters, the lamb chops, ensaladilla rusa, and solomillo roquefort. Check out their website:

                                    1. re: jessicam29

                                      Thx for correction, 18th makes more sense as it's pretty far east from the Gables.

                                    2. re: netmover

                                      Yep...Coral Way & 18th. Get there early. It fills up quickly. They sell a very drinkable & reasonable crianza wine "Protos".

                              2. In Orlando, we have three very good tapas restaurants:

                                Costa del Sol on South John Young
                                El Bodegon on N. Mills
                                Ceviche on Church Street

                                All have stong menus, but Ceviche offers the broadest, with about 100 different tapas. They also have locations in Tampa and St. Pete, but this one is brand new and gorgeous. Huge hall next door with another bar and flamenco music and dancing on the weekends. Definitely worth the trip.

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                                1. re: jdc111

                                  In Downtown Naples, there is a lovely authentic Spanish restuarant, that has a really good Menu, that is filled with Tapas. Even though we live in Miami, we try to go over there for the weekend a few times a year. They have outdoor seating, great sangria and some of the best Chorizo I have had!

                                  1. re: MiamiSarah

                                    MiamiSarah, it's Bella Maria Cafe 489 5th Ave S, Naples, Fl, 34102
                                    Phone: 239-403-7222

                                    I have a review of it March 7 on my blog:


                                    Very good tapas, great location to kick back, and prices very reasonable.

                                  2. re: jdc111

                                    Went to Ceviche last night, it is a gorgeous restaurant. I was a little disapointed in the food. Only one of the Tapas we tried I though was outstanding (Filletto, Filet with blue cheese on top of toast). I will try it again and some different tapas. Unless the owners have extremely deep pockets it won't be around very long due to all the construction and lack of foot traffic in the area.


                                    1. re: jdc111

                                      I've been to Ceviche in Orlando twice since they opened and both times were wonderful. The food was great, service was attentive and friendly and the environment is very attractive. (Well, inside anyway--there is a lot of construction outside.)

                                      1. re: jdc111

                                        Costa del Sol, great tapas and consistent. The main dishes on the other hand have been off. A couple of times we've been there the side veggies were cold. I don't mean that they had been sitting a while and got to room temp, I mean they were cold, out-of-the-firdge cold. So now we go and order only tapas. Make reservations on nights with a live show.
                                        Ceviche has been hit and miss. The if the place is busy then food is great. if it's a tuesday and raining, try some other place.

                                        And don't forget Cafe Tu Tu Tango. They bill themselves as a tapas bar but for the most part I think it's really touristy. they pass small plates of food with a castilian spin off as tapas. Is pizza topped with chorizo considered tapas? you decide.

                                        1. re: NY P8ntball

                                          I'd just as soon forget Tu Tu Tango, thanks.

                                      2. Besides Baracas in Hollywood, anyone have any tapas suggestions further north in Broward or south Palm Beach? Went once to a pretty good place off of Sample Road not far from the indoor flea market, but when we tried to go there last month they had closed already.

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                                        1. re: JulieF

                                          casa mondragon on 3055 n.e. 163 st is divine.was a.v. grill and wine bar but has new owner and new chef.great tapas amazing paella,very nice place good music.left very very happy.