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Nov 25, 2007 08:00 AM

24 food ideas for advent calendar needed

This year I want to surprise my husband with an advent calendar and half of the calendar should be little food goodies. Any tips of what I might use - home-made or not. The food items need to be fairly small and have to have a shelf life of at least 3 weeks.
Would be grateful for your input!

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  1. What a great idea! How about:
    - chocolate covered pretzels (1 or 2)
    - spiced nuts
    - glazed nuts
    - tiny Tabasco bottle (available at places like CostPlus World Market)
    - small jar of jam or mustard
    - mini bottles of liqueur (scotch, Bailley's, Chambord, whatever)
    - small bottle of Monin syrup (for flavoring coffee, etc) - unfortunately, they only come in boxes of 12 - as found here:

    Speaking of World market, if there's one in your area, they have lots of sample sizes (stocking-stuffer-size) of food, including a small summer sausage.

    Have fun!

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      OOH, airplane liquor! Or a split of a nice wine/champagne.

      Second the Cost Plus rec--we shop there too for foodie stocking stuffers.

      Caviar or something indulgent and unusual--truffle oil, dried morels...

      If he's a cook, Penzey's has little spice jars that are darn cute.

    2. If you live near ethnic markets, this time of year they often sell little prettily-wrapped candies and cookies. Spanish (not Mexican) stores sell polvorones. Italian stores have all those lovely wrapped candies.

      Actaully most gourmet type shops will carry little wrapped food items, usually sweets, this time of year.

      Hersheys this year has Christmas kisses in flavors like mint, hot cocoa and cherry cordial ... a few wrapped and tied with a ribbon might be nice ... and you can put the rest in a holiday candy dish later.

      Tiny candy canes or mints.

      A gold chocolate coin.

      A gift certificate for a treat ... don't jump on me ... I'm blanking on a small gift ... but something like a Starbuck's cup of coffee certificate.

      1. Find a candy store that sells the individual flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans and make a few packets, one flavor each, of your husband's favorites. MMMM...December 17th...buttered popcorn.

        1. Mallowmars...for a non homemade food goodies. I'm also addicted to Jaques Torres' Wicked hot chocolate. I am grateful that one of the gourmet shops down the block from me sells his stuff. I am even more grateful that it's a 45 minute walk/25 minute bike ride to the Jaques Torres bakery/chocolate factory from where I live. You can order his stuff online if you don't live in NYC.

          1. Dates, a tangerine or Clemintine, a little poem (uh, that's not food) food for the inner man