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Nov 25, 2007 07:54 AM

JJ's Asian Fusion (Astoria)?

I was flipping through Zagat's this morning and noticed that JJ's Asian Fusion on 31st Ave. was given a 25. I am intrigued- we have yet to find great sushi in Astoria (Watawa is pretty good, nothing special), and for other Asian cuisines, we usually shlep out to Flushing or Elmhurst. So- has anyone tried this apparently new place, and if so, do you recommend any dishes in particular?

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  1. Really good sushi, the lunch specials are a great value. You must try the wasabi cream edemame pot stickers- one of a kind.

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      i think their hot dishes are v. good as well- the crispy duck w. bok choy and the chilean sea bass were tasty. i thought the seared tuna was so so- too salty for my taste. i did try the edamame pot stickers as they were reviewed to be unique and -tasty but i wasn't impressed with them. i found them to be too gummy and bland, tasted similar to a mushy tasteless cheese ravioli. but besides that i thoroughly enjoy jj's and would def recommend it to people to try for themselves...

    2. Just tried this place for the first time this weekend and we were really impressed. In fact, although consensus on chowhound for Astoria sushi seems to lean toward Watawa I must say (granted I've only tried each once) that I found JJ's superior. We tried the edamame pot stickers, which I agree are a little gummy and a little bland and still somehow likeable. We also had the pork gyozo which were very good, nice thin crispy skin. Also the seaweed salad which was delicious, and so reasonable at $3.50. We shared the Astoria roll and the Volcano roll-- both interesting and very tasty. Not too much rice. The fish had a nice fresh texture, warm rice. The room was pretty enough, the food presentation was lovely and the price was unbeatable. $35 for all that and some really good quality (thick, murky, green) green tea. Definitely a top 5 spot in Astoria for me. Loved it and hope to go back again soon!