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Nov 25, 2007 07:53 AM

Christmas Dinner Take Out in Toronto

We will be having Christmas Dinner with my parents who live in an "old folks" retirement centre in Toronto. The kitchen is really small, and I thought that bringing in a prepared Christmas dinner would be both less stressful, and a treat for everyone. As we are from Forida, I was wondering if anyone could suggest any place in Toronto that does a take-out hot dinner for Christmas Day. We are staying downtown, and going to the High Pak area, but with a car, we can pick up just about anywhere in the city.

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  1. Royal York Hotel is a little pricey, but you can't go wrong with food quality:

    A full turkey dinner prepared by our renowned chefs and packaged for you to pick up on the day of your festive celebration.

    Butternut Squash and Maple Bisque with Clipped Chives
    Rowe Farms Naturally Raised Ontario Turkey
    Sage Onion Stuffing, Fresh Cranberry Sauce, Herb Roasted Chateau Potatoes, Caramelized Root Vegetable Medley
    Royal York Mincemeat Tartlets and Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

    4 person / 3 kg turkey dinner $160
    8 person / 5 kg turkey dinner $270
    12 person / 7 kg turkey dinner $350

    4 person / 3 kg turkey with jus and stuffing

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      We did this last two Christmas' and found last year's to be SERIOUSLY lacking. The flavours were missing and the turkey was sad... like it had been beat up. (If you know Dave Cooks the Turkey, from Stuart MacLean, you'll know what I mean!)...

      We decided it wasn't really worth the price...

    2. Depending on the 'Old Folks Retirement' type and location, you might get a SPRINT meal. Cheap and good.

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        Try Summerhill Market.

        Summerhill Market
        446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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          Yes Summerhill would be the spot. If you go to their website, the xmas catering menu is online. Great value and excellent food.

      2. Check out Threes Company on the Danforth. They do a Turkey Dinner for 6-8 people, and I heard from neighbors that it was very good. All sliced and ready to go. I don't know if it comes hot. Check out their web site for it.

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          Oh good! They updated their website, looks much more professional now.

          Three's Company
          673 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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