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Nov 25, 2007 07:16 AM

One night in Greenville - which restaurant?

The hubby and I are planning a night in Greenville so we can enjoy that lovely downtown and try one of the great sounding restaurants. 33 Liberty, American Grocery - others? We want fine dining, innovative menus, great service. Which is the best? Is there another spot I am missing?

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  1. Read any of the posts by Danna. She recently helped me and was spot on w/ her recs. She was even kind enough to give directions to a free parking garage. Have fun and report back as my hubby and I interested in a wknd trip to g'ville sans the kids!

    1. American Grocery is exactly what you are looking for! Super nice service, very creative menu using local ingredients (changes frequently), good wine list. It's a small space though, so I highly recommend a reservation.

      33Liberty is good too - but you won't be enjoying the beautiful downtown, you'll be enjoying a really rundown section of Greenville.

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        Although I haven't been yet, I hear good things of American Grocery, and I know 33 is good, so I think the OP has researched well. I must say, that I'm surprised to hear the Laurens/Pleasantburg area described as"really run down". I don't see it that way, and regardless, it's what?...1/2 mile from downtown?

        1. re: danna

          OP mentioned "enjoying the lovely downtown" which is why I said that. I will admit though, I don't regularly stroll down Laurens or Pleasantburg to enjoy whatever it has to offer, so I take back my comment. And following my reservaton at 33 Liberty next week, maybe I'll take the opportunity to walk around a bit.

      2. I haven't been to 33 Liberty yet (it's at the top of my need-to-try list), but I just checked out American Grocery for the first time, a few weekends ago. My husband and I had a fantastic, albeit expensive, meal. One of their key concepts is to allow you to savor the food so they don't rush you at all, which is quite refreshing. Every course they brought out is explained in detail. (I felt like I was a judge on Top Chef!) The scallops I ordered were divine, as was the salad with fried goat cheese. Hubby really enjoyed his venison chops and squash-apple soup. The restaurant is a nice cozy space, too. We'll be back again, and next time, we're ordering the chef's tasting menu.