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Nov 25, 2007 06:25 AM

Best Chinese Buffet in N.Dallas/Carrollton?

It's a holiday tradition for my girlfriends and I to go pig out at the Chinese buffet in our hometown in Connecticut when we are all home for the season.
I'm not going home this year - so I will have to get my fix here. I just moved to Carrollton and We have only had take-out from Szechuan Sisters, which is ok. I guess I'm looking for a good mix of traditional Chinese and Americanized Chinese to fill that craving for general tso's chicken.

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  1. What day and what meal are you planning to eat? If lunch during the week then Maxims in chinatown has a great buffet. If dinner or the weekend I personally like Best Buffet in Plano on 75 north bound, just south of Park.

    1. The Mei Mei Chinese Buffet at Meadow and Central in North Dallas is decent.