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Nov 25, 2007 06:18 AM

Red Bank Restaurant - La Pasteria

Such a disappointment! Had reservations for 9 people at 8:30, did not get seated until just after 9:30. My suggestion not be greedy, but honest and upfront. Tell the customers you can not accomodate them for another hour. But, just because it it a large group and you want the money, be fair.

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  1. Sad, but this is a pervasive problem in central New Jersey. A reservation doesn't have the same meaning here as it does on the rest of the planet. I pretty much avoid dinner out on Saturday nights for that very reason. Unless, of course, the place has a nice bar --- then I don't mind the wait so much! I had a couple of good meals at La Pasteria. I hope you at least enjoyed your meal after the long (and rude) wait.

    1. Late reservations tend to be problematic as restaurants dont want to refuse business to earlier walk-ins.

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        As I posted a few weeks ago, we had the same problem at Shipwreck Grille. Alll of my children have worked as wait staff. One of their major comments were that whom ever is booking the reservations for a large party (6 or more) never considers the fact that large parties of diners have a habit of sitting around after their meal and schmoozing.

        Walk ins are great but regular diners are their bread and butter.