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Nov 25, 2007 06:18 AM

Caiola's in Portland ME?

Heading to the Morrill Mansion BB this weekned with my sweetheart. I've read lots of great things about Caiola's not to mention what the owner of the MM had to say. It looks very cozy and we like a very homey feel in a restaurant. Can somebody give me an idea of what i should expect to see on the menu? My sidekick has a gluten allergy and I am hoping that she will be able to find something to please her. Also, what price range should I expect on the menu?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Caiola's is your best pick if you looking for something in walking distance to your B&B. You can expect well executed familiar items, but it isn't Gourmet. Portland Food Map has a three reviews, URL:

    They have a number of Vegetarian options, but I'm not sure about Gluten free items -- it would be best to call. Prices are in the $20s for entrees. For a party of two, with drinks, I would expect around $100.

    1. I disagree slightly with MaineFoodie, in that I find Caiola's to frequently have quite nice new twists on "familiar" items, and everything always prepared with thought and care: one of the places I most highly recommend to Portland visitors. As to gluten-free, I would encourage you to give them a call ahead of time: they're very service oriented and friendly. The menu changes all the time, although among the stand-bys are an interesting variation on "Caesar-salad-with...." in the form of spicy fried oysters. Caiola's also does interesting variations on other seafood, including a Spanish-style fiduea (only they don't call it that) of which I'm quite fond. Enjoy!

      1. We are new to Portland and over the past year our best meal by far has been at Caiola's. The food is excellent - I agree that they do interesting and very tasty twists in their preparation - and the service is first rate starting with the front room partner who is omnipresent. Finally, prices are very reasonable for the overall level of quality. Enjoy!

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          I'll chime in in agreement with those who say Caiola's is one of the best in town. For my money, after having eaten at 555, Fore Street, Back Bay Grill, Cinque Terre, Street & Co., and many other restaurants in town, the only one that tempts me anywhere close to Caiola is Street and Co., which is a totally different atmo. For warm, intimate, inventive food and environment nothing beats Caiola. And when it comes to dessert, no other place in town can even sit at the table with them.

        2. I am still looking for a place to hold my psuedo rehersal dinner in June. Would Caiola's be a good place for that? How many people could it accomodate it I rented out the whole place? Could you give the the average app and entree price please? Thanks in advance.

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            don't hold me to this but if memory serves me right i'd say apps. 8-12 and entrees 15-25. loved the place. very reasonbly priced and very professional. great dining exp.

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              For the rehersal, I think Caiola's would be awesome. Not sure if you could rent out the whole place (only about 7 tables inside) but in summer they DO have some awning-covered, separate outside space that would easily seat 25-30. I'd definitely check it out