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Nov 25, 2007 06:06 AM

The Jib Room Ft. Lauderdale

Tried for the first time last night and very pleasantly surprised. We usually go to Calypso for our Caribbean fix, but we were meeting friends someplace in the "middle." The restaurant calls itself Caribbean, but it's really more eclectic. The cornbread they put out was very moist and tasty. We shared three apps, mussels (very nice, good broth), a conch salad (good, but I like it with a little more heat), and a portobello, parmesan and spinach salad (which doesn't sound like much, but was really delicious). For our mains both guys ordered the mango roasted duck which was perfectly done (crisp on the outside and succulent meat). Us girls ordered the island seafood stew, which had clams, mussels, squid, shrimp, scallops, and fish. The broth was very flavorful and the seafood was cooked perfectly. The service was friendly and excellent. The restaurant is much nicer than Calypso (white tablecloths and candles). I'll still go to Calypso, but will definitely return to the Jib Room to try other menu choices. It's located on East Oakland Park Blvd., one block west of Federal Highway.

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  1. We also were stalwart Calypso visitors, but since they are now closed on weekends, we finally tried the Jib Room two weeks ago. We didn't have reservations but a table would have been available shortly. As it was, we wound up (by choice) eating at the bar in the dining room. By the way, Lisa who used to work at Calypso also works the front room bar. My husband enjoyed a wonderfully presented and delicious homemade chicken pot pie. I tried the steamed clams appetizer which came with a flavorful creamy broth (and a bit of a kick) that I spooned up greedily like soup; and the shrimp "steak" which was held together miraculously without filler and was a series of pieces of shrimp wound around and around into a "pattie" the size of a large hamburger, then grilled, and served with two dipping sauces. Concur on the friendly service. Definitely will be back to try more islandy fare...

    1. After reading a very positive review in the New Times my wife and I went to the Jib Room for dinner about a month ago. It was a busy Friday night and the owner said that it would be an hour for a table or we could eat at the bar. We ordered the chicken livers appetizer as soon as we sat down at the bar and then placed our dinner order about 5 minutes later. 45 minutes went by and still no appetizer. The bartender was very attentive and kept apologizing for the delay and said that she had spoken to the owner about the situation. After another 10 minutes she went out to the kitchen and waited until out our order was ready. This was supposed to be one of the chef's signature dishes but it came out swimming in grease.

      After another long wait our meals arrived. I ordered the Island Stew but I didn't have your luck. While the broth was good the seafood was overcooked and they were out of clams so they gave me some extra mussels. The shrimp and fish were actually dry which is a good trick considering they were swimming in broth. Only the squid benefited from the over-long cooking, coming out nice and tender. The owner circulated through the room greeting friends and regular customers but she didn't have the time or inclination to stop and speak with us. All in all, a very disappointing experience.

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        Kinda Funny!,
        I tried calypso for the first time friday evening and was very disappointed. maybe we should have ordered the oysters or seafood. I was under the false impression that this place was a carribean place. NOT!! I started with tthe habenero wings. You would think these wings would be hot. NOT!! These wings were down right bland and flavorless. They were big wings. Big wings with NO flavor. Ok will give them a chance to redeem with the roti stuffed with curry chicken. This dish was even more of a disapointment. No chick peas in the curry, The curry sauce was more like chicken broth flavored with curry powder with a few chicken chunks and potatoes. The roti skin would have been good if they would have kept it out of the microwave.

        I really don't know why people rave about this place. If you want real carribean food,,take a drive down 441 to hollywood and try the coal pot or one of the the real carribean places.

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          We went back again to the Jib room for our second time this past weekend. Again sat at the bar. Nancy was the bartender/server. Very nice and friendly. While waiting to order our "main" food we had the fried green beans. A little greasy but tasty. We felt they were good but not fantastic. More for those drinkers who want a little nosh. So,now that our curiosity has been satisfied, we don't have to order them again. We tried some new to us items -- my husband had the mini angus burgers. Three small burgers "dressed". The buns were lightly toasted and caramelized. He said they were so good he wasn't even going to share one bite with me (eek!). I had the marinated skirt steak appetizer. According to the menu it came with a yogurt mint sauce. Since I'm not a big mint fan (except in Mojitos) I asked for them to eliminate that sauce and put something else on it. There was a nice size portion (especially for an app.) that was cooked perfectly. Very tender, very tasty. Along with the meat was a mini salad of sliced cherry tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese with a light mix of herbs served in a red cabbage leaf. For desert, we shared their pistachio pound cake which was much better than anticipated and worth every calorie. The cake was moist, had lots of nuts, and the two slices came topped with a bit of whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream in between. On a side note, we met some very interesting people at the bar. The only negative note was that the reggae music was a bit loud and made it hard to hear parts of the conversations. We're already planning on coming back to try some more menu items.

        2. Hi Julie, thanks for the report. We are definitely planning on returning, too.