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Nov 24, 2007 11:16 PM

leftover cranberry?????????

What can I do with two quarts left over home made cranberry? , made with just sugar and water I would like to incorparate in a recipe

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  1. fill blintzes or crepes or stuffed french toast (mix mascarpone w/ cran sauce, then sandwich brioche slices together with spread, secure with toothpick, batter and fry)

    add to waffle/pancake batter, but decrease the amount of liquid in the original recipe

    add as a layer to trifle instead of the jam layer

    serve over total/fage yogurt with some granola for a breakfast parfait

    i don't have a specific recipe, but i'd make a sauce with some mint to go over pork chops [i tend to cook by taste, so it's harder for me to suggest specific amounts]

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      Love the idea of a mint sauce for pork chops. Our cranberry sauce is all gone, but I think I may just have to buy some more this weekend to try this.

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        We put it on sandwiches until it's gone, that's our usual M.O. But this year, I had a recipe pulled out for Chicken Blintzes with Hot Cranberry Sauce. I was going to make it with turkey of course. You made the crepe with eggs, some stock and cake meal. Then you cooked the meat with some sauteed onions (it calls for cooking in chicken fat ) with 2 eggs, salt and white pepper. But the kicker was to serve with hot cranberry sauce over the blintz, they said to thin cranberry with some water, although I was going to use raspberry liqeuer.
        Alas, I bought a smaller turkey than usual and it's already gone! Luckily I have a couple more in the freezer, so I'll be trying this next time. Still have plenty of cranberry sauce ourselves.
        Let me know if you need exact ingredients!

      2. Incorporate some into an apple pie, freeze some of it, add some to oatmeal, make some pungent by adding fresh chopped chile peppers, etc.

        1. Iron Chef America did a Battle Cranberry (I just saw the ep last night) and the food looked pretty interesting. I'd check the FN website for the recipes just to get some ideas, in any case.

          1. Not a recipe, but it's really good on plain yogurt for breakfast.

            1. A nice cranberry coffee cake is good to take in to the office (gets it out of your kitchen and uses up some cranberry sauce)...I've made this twice, most co-workers really liked it:


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                cranberry nut bread. Recipe on the package. Will buy a couple bags of ocean spray after Thanksgiving and store them in the freezer.

                1. re: classylady

                  Now that you mention it, I bought some cranberries and froze them to make cranberry apple upside down ginger cake (found the recipe here) for a dinner I'm going to soon. But it would probably be even better with cranberry sauce on the bottom.