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Nov 24, 2007 10:37 PM

Carne Asada Fries @ The Taco Spot

My girlfriend recieves a magazine and inside there is a list of restaurants in the Los Angeles area that are supposed to be good, and are known for a certain dish. I look at this section because I am always interested to see if there is anything that will catch my interest. The other night I was reading this section of the magazine, and saw "the best CARNE ASADA FRIES in town!" This automatically caught my attention, and as I continued to read I learned the location of these fries. The place was called Taco Spot in Ealge Rock on Colorado. A few days later my girlfriend and I were in Pasadena and decided to go and try the Taco Spot. We walked in it looked like a aright type of place that could create good carne asada fries. I walked to the counter to order and I asked the guy working the register, "what was in the carne asada fries?" He told me there was carne asada, cheese, beans, and guacamoleeee." Everything sounded good until he said "guac-a-molie." When I heard how he pronounce guacamole,my girlfriend and I should of turned around, walked out, and went to Alberto's to have carne fries, but we didn't. We decided to be open minded and not judge a restaurant by it's employee. We ordered the carne asada fries, ate the carne asada fries, and came to the conclusion, we would never go there again. On a scale from one to ten, we gave them a 4. I also asked the guy at the counter if the beans were good, he saind he had never tried them before. I have also came to the conclusion that the magazine where I recieved the informatin about this particular restaurant and it's famous fries does not know what they are talking about.
I am sorry I have written so much, but I had go get a few things off my chest. I am curious to know if anyone knows of the Taco Spot, and if they agree/disagree with me.

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  1. Besides the "spanglish," was it the beans, something more specific in the preparation of the fries, or was it a lousy experience in general?

    1. Maybe you should have read J. Gold's article in the LA Weekly this week:

      Sort of a "now you tell me" I know, but it is not that far from the other "spot".

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        I'm wondering if maybe the OP read this same review but ended up at the wrong place?

      2. We rarely rely on newspaper or magazine reviews/articles written by their contributers, just for reasons of like what happened to you. We usually go by the suggestions of friends or family. Or when we spot a restaurant that looks interesting when driving by, we try and take notice of the parking lot (see how full it is) and or if we can see inside how many people are dining there. And then we usually drive by several more times to see if it is indeed popular by using those techniques as a guage.

        I think one of the main problems with going by what some newspaper/magazine reviewer tells us about a restaurant is that it is often based on a one time dining experience by the individual. Before writing any review on a particular restaurant the reviewer, in my opinion, should visit the establishment several times with 1 or more guests. Only then do I think that they could give a good and honest review. There use to be a lady that did reviews for the Long Beach Press Telegram's 'Weekend' supplemtent in their Thursday edition. More often than not she would take along her husband and their son with her when visiting a restaurant for review and include their feedback in her reviews as well. Back when I use to live in Long Beach I did try several restaurants she had given good reviews on and for the most part I found that I agreed with her.

        1. I hate to say it, but that stretch of Colorado does not have a lot of great food. Daves Sandwiches is okay, but when I went he was out of his famous meatballs cause he could not find a good meat market/butcher to do his special blend of meat. WTF, Buy some pork, beef & veal or turkey and make your own! He was also out of the crab melt which everyone raved about, so i never went back. The BBQ did not last, It is like the Bucket a few weeks ago being out of hamburger at 11:30 in the morning....WTF? Are we running a restaurant or what? End of Rant!

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            BB- the bucket just went into escrow!!! Hopefully the new buyer will be able to keep product on the shelf so as to not run out of hamburger at 11:30 in the morning!!!

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              Damn, those people only owned it for a few months, right? That is to bad, they seemed like they cared about it.

          2. I drove by this place just today and figured I would try it this week, it looked worth it. Thanks for saving me the trip. I will go try My Taco re Jon Gold's rec.