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Nov 24, 2007 10:31 PM

Katsu-ya, Encino

going there for the first time since we have gift cert. from what i read...they are not much of fresh sushi house but more of creative dishes such as crispy sushi, scallop with foie gras etc....
notice that they have 7 course omakase dinner too. are we better off getting items from menu and special or has anyone had their 7 course omakase?
thanks in advance.

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  1. With the business the place does, and Katsuya's high standards regarding seafood, the fish will be fresh. Just do not go on Sundays as most of the seafood wholesalers are closed.

    1. I went there for the first time last night, and I LOVED it. The best thing by far was the seared albacore with crispy onions..OMG. We also LOVED the rock shrimp tempura..the sauce is to die for. The Kobe beef looked amazing, and all the rolls we had were outstanding. ENJOY!! It's a great place.

      1. that is our (husband and myself) favorite sushi restaurant ever. we have tried many places, yamagawa in toluca lake, kabuki (the chain), asanebo...and so many more this is the best we have ever had. we always compare others to its standards :) none reach as high.

        enjoy, have fun!