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Nov 24, 2007 09:58 PM

RAVE: Innocenzio's

Tonight I randomly tried Innocenzio's in Lake Worth, FL (Corner of Lantana and Jog Roads in the shopping center with Cold Stone Creamery). It was a great Italian meal!

The restaurant is family owned and operated. All the staff is related. My family and I were immediately seated and provided great service. The waitress informed us of the specials and that the meal would take a bit to make as all the items on their menu are made to order and homemade. We started out with fresh salads and soups. The bread basket featured garlic bread with smart choice spread as the waiter informed us. The soups were just the right portion and the salad was very fresh and crisp. The drinks were refilled before they were empty. The entrees came with nice food presentation. They were all delicious. We had a chicken/ pasta dish that was moist and not drenched in sauce; a veal chop that was huge, cooked to perfection with fresh pasta and the right amount of sauce; and a cheese lasagna and stuffed shells with just the right amount of cheese and sauce. All the plates were cleaned and the food was so good that there was no room for dessert. The people at another table were raving about it being the best pizza in the area after searching for good pizza in over 3 years.

The restaurant was very clean even the kitchen which you could see from inside the restaurant. As for the staff, they are all pleasant and efficient. The chef comes around and speaks with the tables. It was a very enjoyable meal. The restaurant has only been open for about 8 months and does not advertise. It is by word of mouth only. I would definitely recommend trying it out.

For those interested, they have free wi-fi for customers and three flat screen tvs on the wall should you care to watch tv while eating. Enjoy! :)

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  1. I read your review, and I live not too far from there, I decided to go try it out myself. Oh my god, the food was great! The service was wonderful, it's all family there. The portion's were good, the meals were hot, the resturaunt had a really nice ambiance. I love the place, I told the waitress that they'll have to make me a part of the family since i'll be there so much! The bathroom's are clean, the only bad thing is that its a little hard to find, Its on the south east corner, next to the Washington Mutual Bank. Other than that, everything was really good, thanks for the review!