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Nov 24, 2007 09:37 PM

good burritos in Echo Park tonight (Sat eve)

Hi. My guest is craving burritos like the ones at La Playita, but we are in Echo Park, which is far from Santa Monica, and it's 10:30 pm. He tends to eat carne asada and I tend to eat chicken burritos (I also love the shrimp burritos at La Playita).

We think the burritos at Rodeo Grill and the Sunset/Alvarado are okay, but don't like them nearly as well as the ones at La Playita.

Any recommendations for this late-night craving? Any favorite (and trustworthy) taco trucks around here which serve burritos?

(I know there was a recent burritos thread, but couldn't find an answer to this specific question.)


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  1. I would go to El Gran Burrito, on Santa Monica just west of Vermont, if I were you. They have good carnitas and carne asada, and I don't know about their chicken burritos, but they have excellent chicken flautas, and some of the best salsa in town.

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    1. I know this is too late, but... here's a tip for the future.

      The "Taco Zone" truck on Alvarado - north of Sunset, next to Von's - makes a mean burrito. And the best tacos in the area, IMHO. It's been covered many times around this board, and on Bandini's blog Tacohunt.

      1. Thank you to both of you. I'll keep El Gran Burrito in mind for their carne asada and flautas. (I've had their chicken burritos -- okay, but not as good as La Playita!) Regarding Taco Zone, I've had their tacos, but I had no idea they had good burritos -- will have to check that out.

        We ended up going down the hill to Burrito King at Sunset/Alvarado and had their three enchilada special and a chile relleno. The 2 chicken enchiladas we ordered were okay, though there wasn't nearly enough sauce. According to my friend, the cheese enchilada wasn't so good -- he thought it was made with cheddar. (I avoid cheese.) I'm no judge of chile rellenos, but it was tasty if covered with too much cheese.

        Though nothing special, the food was perfectly acceptable given the price, convenience, and time of night (after 11pm).