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Nov 24, 2007 08:32 PM

I've got chicken hearts. Now what?

Picked up some chicken hearts at the farmers' market today. I loved them the one time I had them, but that was at a Brazilian barbeque, which I cannot really recreate in my kitchen (much as I would love to).

So, what do I do? Pan fry? Braise? I'm completely at a loss, though excited to experiment...


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  1. Yum, pan fry/stir fry with onions and soy sauce. depending on size, you may want to cut in half. Season to taste and I eat it with rice.

    1. My mother used to saute in lots of butter and pour over rice with the juices, I used to love that!

      1. My mom always floured them with seasoned flour and pan fried them. :) MMMMmmmm

        1. I know that chicken hearts are tougher than chicken livers, but use the hearts to make a pate like chopped chicken livers. Saute the hearts with chopped onion and a little chopped bell pepper in olive oil. Chop that mixture up with some hard-boiled eggs and add Kosher salt to taste. Add more olive oil if needed. Spread the pate on good seeded rye bread.

          1. Olive oil, a bit of shallot, perhaps garlic, salt, pepper, thyme or rosemary, saute, deglaze with red wine. Good with rice, penne, or a piece of good bread to sop up the juice.