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Nov 24, 2007 06:38 PM

Strauss Eggnog at the Cowgirl Creamery Stand, FB

Took my out of town guests to the Ferry Building today as part of our Thanksgiving weekend of showing off San Francisco...and while it is too late for today, did want to mention that the Cowgirl Creamery Stand at the Farmer's Market had Strauss Eggnog! Bought two quarts... I didn't check to see if they had it at the store inside the FB, but worth asking, or checking again next week.

I love Strauss Eggnog but don't have an easy time finding it. Mollie Stone's no longer carries it. Where else should I look?

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  1. Last year Andronico's carried it.

    1. I know Whole Foods in Redwood City carries it (stands out with the rest of the eggnog selection as it's the only one in glass bottles). :)

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        They do indeed, and it is tasty! Light with real nutmeg.

      2. I just saw it at Tower Market (Mollie Stone's) yesterday.

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          hmm: when I was at that Tower Market Monday, they didn't have it and the salesperson told me they didn't carry it (and I had been told the same thing last year when I couldn't find it). Wouldn't surprise me if they didn't know the stock there, however, so I will check back, thanks.

        2. If you were susancineb I'd suggest the Berkeley Bowl, which generally stocks it and had it yesterday.