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acme bread [Moved from San Francisco Board]

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husband and I are having a disagreement, is there a difference between an italian batard (and if one exists) a sour batard?

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  1. I believe "batard" just refers to a shape shorter and squatter than a baguette. Itaqlians and French both make sourdough breads, but apparently with different sourdough starter cultures. This site hase what amounts to a mini-tutorial on sourdough starters:


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      Batard translates to bastard in French. I believe a batard was originally a renegade or malformed baguette, i.e., the French folk usage. I think now it just means the shape/size. All the batards I see locally are about the same size and shape. Never thought about the Italian batard...although I do like the Acme version very much..great stuff.