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Nov 24, 2007 06:27 PM

Food recommendations at Chapeau!?

That !? was fun.

I'm thinking about going to Chapeau! for my b-day in January. A while back I watched the episode of "Check Please" with Jacques Pepin, whose cookbooks are among my favorites. So, I'm hoping that if JP likes it, I will too.

I've searched the board, but most of the posts that include Chapeau! mention it as a recommendation for people asking about French bistros. I like the look of the menu from the restaurants website.

Do you hounds have any favorites there?


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  1. Definitely the cassoulet. Sweetbreads are great too, if that's your thing.

    1. When offered, the cote de boeuf special is great.

      1. When you make reservations, ask for the seats which would afford the most privacy. Even then, you will be sharing with your neighbors! Worth it though, just a little squished the last time I was there.

        1. 2 on the cassoulet. Also loved the chicken fricassee - type dish years ago, even though I used to order chicken in restaurants only rarely (because I cooked it so much at home). This was completely worth it! Also, Philippe is a very good resource if you'd like help picking out a wine you're likely to enjoy . . . he's very helpful and definitely stays within any price range you mention.

          1. If the Salade Landaise is on the menu, I would definitely get it. It made me swoon when I had it a couple of years ago. (One caveat: I was pregnant at the time, and meaty, rich things were *particularly* yummy when I was expecting.)

            Salade Landaise - "frisee, duck confit & smoked duck magret, fingerling potato chips, classic french vinaigrette"

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              Many thanks for all these suggestions. I can tell I need to bring a group of friends so we can share. I've never had cassoulet prepared in the real manner. I invented a good Weight Watchers version, believe it or not, but it lacks duck and duck fat. I'm sure my husband will order the cote de bouef if it's on the menu. The salade sounds out of this world.

              I'm not worried about the cramped quarters. I had read all the chowhound reviews about it, and it doesn't bother me, as long as the seats themselves are comfy.