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Nov 24, 2007 06:08 PM

Whole Foods- dry aged beef?(Portland)

We are thinking about a New Year's dinner - we always do some sort of theme thing. Has anyone had done anything with the the aged beef Whole Foods offers?

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  1. Whole Foods is one of the outlets for Wolfe Neck Farms beef which is raised in Maine. Check out their site at www.wolfenecks.com. Wolfe Neck Beef is a great product which is also available at most Hannaford Markets and the Bow Street Market in Freeport.

    Jerry Saywell

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        It's not accurate to say that their beef is raised in Maine. They company is based in Maine, but it is a label they put on beef from all over, but raised under their standards.

        From their web page (http://www.wolfesneck.com):

        Wolfe's Neck Natural Beef works hand-in-hand with farms and ranches throughout the country to produce the finest natural beef in the United States. These farms are vested in humanely raising their livestock by providing the animals with clean, stress-free and safe environments.

        Not that it's a bad thing, it's just not necessarily local.

        Never tried the WF dry aged beef, but try aging your own if you have the space/time. Plenty of info on the web. It does make a difference.

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          Thanks for the update!

          We've stayed at the campground just south of Freeport and bought their beef there. Were led to believe it was all raised locally.

          Jerry Saywell