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Nov 24, 2007 05:56 PM

First Ave and 46th St.

Next Tuesday (11/27) we are taking out a dear friend and her 85 year old mother. They live near 1st Ave. and 46th St. We'd prefer some place that we could walk to or where we could drive and find a parking space at about 8 PM. We are adventurous enough eaters with a possible preference (but not requirement) toward Asian. Our maximum is $100 per person, including tax and tip (but not drinks), but I think that our guests would be upset if the cost was over $75 pp. A comfortable place where conversation is possible is a must. Any ideas?

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  1. how about Cibo on 2nd ave and 41 street. good food and the tables are far apart enough to have conversation. i doubt if you will spend over $75 pp.

    1. L'Impero in Tudor city would be perfect. Italian, though.

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        Thanks for the thoughts. I'll see if Cibo interests them. L'Impero is a bit much for what we're looking for. This is not a special event meal, more a comfortable dinner with old friends.

      2. No Asian, but Pietro's is on 43rd, close to 2nd. Steakhouse/Italian.

        1. right around the corner...

          Shih Lee
          311 E 45th St, New York 10017
          Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave

          check them out at