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Tak Wor Restaurant - Surprisingly good authentic Chinese food

Just came back from an amazingly good dinner at Tak Wor Restaurant. ( 550 Highway 7 East, Unit 108. Tel: 905 762 0111 ) in the Times Square complex. Restaurant is only a few weeks old. It was packed at 6.30 when we arrived and people were lining outside the restaurant at 7.30. Had a 'Six flavoured free range 'Men Cheung' Chicken that tasted amazing. The stirred fry beef and water spinach with salted shrimp paste was expertly done with no excess liquid and full of 'wok-hey'. A simple dish of fried porkchop with onions and maggi sauce was 'huge' and very addictive. For all of you CH who crave great 'non banquet style' homey Chinese in the Hwy 7 area, this is definitely one that cannot be missed.

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  1. Tried this restaurant again tonight. This time, we ordered the dry sauteed tiger prawns in top soya sauce as well as the ever popular sweet and sour pork along with the free range chicken and a Chiu Chow style poached greens. All were nicely cooked. Definitely one of the top 'non-banquet' oriented Chinese restaurant in the Richmond Hill area.

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      Fantastic, thanks for the heads up, will definitely give it a try... just live 5 mins drive away. The last few meals at Peaktop and Tan Chi Kee was getting dissappointing (either that, or else we're bored with their dishes) and the places in Scarborough are so far away.

    2. Where exactly is it at times square? Thanks.

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        Facing Hwy 7. South western tip of complex, next to the money exchange.

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        Tak Wor
        550 Hwy 7 E, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, CA

        1. Just had dinner there (place was quiet on a monday night & snow falling). Tried the free range chicken that Charles suggested, very flavorful bird! I usually don't like free range birds (not enough meat for me), but they made up for it in flavour alone. I didn't even feel the need to use the dipping sauce that they give (the one that usually comes with hoi nan chicken).

          Also tried the eel and BBQ pork hot pot, again really nice rich flavours. The BBQ pork was a little odd, reminded me of what my mother used to do with left-over BBQ meats that we couldn't finish from the night before. :)

          Final dish was A-choy veggies, fresh and simply cooked with good portions. Wife was happy that they have a few more menu/veggies selections than some of the other quick chinese restos in the area.

          Final bill was $34 + tip (no booze)... oh ya, you can BYO-Wine too! Will definitely go back for more...

          1. 2 of us went there after I saw your post. A homy-feel place for sure. The service is quite attentative too. Will definitely go back.

            We ordered a "steamed tilapia", a "Shrimp roe + bamboo fungus + tofu", a "Milk and Ginger Juice Mixed Jello", and a rice. The restaurant gave away free soup and free dessert (soup). (If I knew that there's dessert soup at the end, I wouldn't have ordered the jello.) We paid $33 (tip inclusive).

            I noticed that other than the Chinese menu, English menu and take-out menu are also available although each menu is somewhat different from one another. The restaurant also encourages the clients to ask for their own dishes/flavors. After 9am, Hot Pot is available.

            I noticed that a table in the restaurant was celebrating someone's birthday and "birthday peaches" (http://photo.91hong.com/photo/2007/07...) are served on the table. I was told that they need to be ordered in advance and the restaurant will get them for you from somewhere else.

            1. We went back again tonight... place was packed by 7pm Sunday night. Service was rushed as they didn't seem to have enough waiters around. Started off on a bad note since they gave us the wrong tea (they actually give you a selection, which is impressive in itself). I tried to order the shrimp that Charles had, but ended up getting this smaller sized shrimp with batter in a slightly spicy pepper sauce on top of broccoli (not what I was expecting and a bit disappointing). Also had a deep fried pork chop dish that was rather tough and not salty enough. Last dish was veggies cooked in shrimp paste which had a nice flavor to it, but just enough sandy grit to make it annoying.

              Compared to our first meal, this second meal was a complete 360. Will probably not go again on a busy weekend night, but instead stick to their quieter weekdays... at least they take Visa!

              1. On a lazy New Years day, we decided to try Tak Wor for a quick lunch meal after reading the reviews and replies on this board. We ordered the "Ging Doe Yuk Pah" set lunch (Sweet and Sour Pork Loin), "Jeew Yeem Gwut" (Salty and Spicy Pork Chop) set lunch and a plate of "Gai Laan" (Chinese Broccoli). The waitress was nice enough to point out our interesting choice of meat, which essentially was the same, although prepared differently.

                The set lunch came with a choice of chicken corn soup or hot and sour and a bowl of rice. We decided to try both and was pleasantly surprised. The soup came in a relatively large bowl as did the entrees. The meats were quite tasty and flavourful, not to mention the unexpected amount of meat for a lunch meal. Armed even with a healthy appetite, we could not finish the meal and had to doggy bag it.

                The service was better than expected and the waitress even suggested the vegetables we ordered. I would definitely go back and try them for dinner as our first experience was quite pleasant.

                Best of all, they had the "AMP Winter Classic" hockey game on all their TVs!

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                  The other times I've been there, they've also played either NFL football or NHL hockey hockey games (usually on the tv by the front door). The other tv's usually have some sort of chinese show going on. Someone working there must be a sports fan...

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                    Speaking of sports, another place that usually has a basketball or hockey game on is Firefly at FMP.