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Jun 1, 2006 03:50 PM

Satura Cakes bakery in Palo Alto?

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Read somewhere that Satura Cakes (currently in Los Altos) will be opening a branch in Palo Alto . is that true? Where? When?

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  1. Satura Cakes
    320 University Ave.
    Palo Alto

    Its grand opening is scheduled for June 2,2006, 12-6pm.
    from this article it seems the Cream Puff is their biggest seller.


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    1. re: hhc

      just looked at their website, seems they have some sweet deals going: free espresso if u buy more than $5 in store, cream puffs 5 for $10 (that's a deal cuz regular price $3 each!!--hope it's better than Beard Papa and I hope they have the three flavors available at their Los Altos store: traditional vanilla, caramel banana or green tea.


    2. I just tried the cream puffs at Satura Bakery in Palo Alto. I had the green tea one and it was disappointing. The cream puff itslef wasn't bad but it wasn't outstanding either. For $3 each I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it. I bought the 5 for $10 special so my cream puffs only came out to $2 each but, even at that price, I probably wouldn't go back for it. The cream puff was ordinary and I couldn't even taste any of the green tea flavor.

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        I had a cream puff at Satura and also thought good, but not something I would crave for $3. The Pantry in Belmont has a good old fashioned, not fancy cream puff which is pretty good. Can't remember how much though...

        1. re: peachblossom

          When I read about Satura a month or two ago, I decided that I had to try them as they are fairly close to my home. I was meeting a group for lunch and decided that I'd bring a box of their cream puffs as a dessert treat. My impression was that the shells tasted as though perhaps they had been frozen. They just didn't taste fresh, even though I bought them early in the morning shortly after they opened. I wasn't impressed with the filling either.

        2. My vote goes to Beard Papa - soon to open a branch in Downtown Redwood City!