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Nov 24, 2007 05:02 PM

pace or farfalla trattoria???

having a very special b-day dinner as a group.
am looking for good eats w. ambiance.
love the nyc hip vibe type restaurant or the quiet uber cool romantic feel as well.
i guess this will be a toss for food ratings.....

which one is better??? or are there other recs???

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  1. pace over farfalla for me, but i'm not a pace fanatic really.

    for a hip vibe, i'd consider falcon, magnolia, or hungry cat

    valley side, i'd maybe consider ca del sole or eight 18.

    1. Amarone on Sunset fits your needs and is my fav new place.

      1. I like PACE. It is romantic, and you feel as if you have stepped out of the city into some cool little mountain town. Excellent food.

        1. For ambience - Pace. For food, especially the pizza - Farfalla. However, Pace has that "cool romantic vibe" you're looking for. Tom P. described it perfectly.