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Nov 24, 2007 04:22 PM


My husband and I had such an exceptional meal at Harvest Bistro last evening, I felt compelled to share my experience. The food was absolutely excellent. For appetizer, we shared the crab cakes appetizer ($15) which was absolutely delicious. For entree, I had one of the specials: Red Snapper served in a brandy lobster truffle sauce with baby bok choy over Israeli cous cous ($28)- truly one of the best fish dishes I have ever had anywhere. I savored every bite and was actually sad when it was finished (and how often do you get to say that?). My husband had a pancetta-wrapped halibut in a tarragon beurre blanc sauce which was also excellent (28$ I think). And it seemed like every course was better than the last- dessert was a Chocolate Banana bread pudding, which is misleading- it was actually like a Chocolate Molten lava cake with banana mixed in- absolutely delectable. The wine list is extensive, and the wine I chose by the glass (a Riesling, $9) was very good. They also had a great selection of beers on tap. As good as the food was, the service was equally impressive. The staff was very friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and professional. They were able to make very helpful suggestions regarding both food and wine choices, and seemed to appear at our table whenever we needed them but without us having to call them over. And they even had a live R&B band playing in the lounge starting around 9:30pm which was fantastic- great for those who enjoy that kind of thing, but if you don't then you eat in the main dining room which is quite separate from the lounge. The decor is beautiful but relaxed; the dining room has a very nice fireplace, giving it a very warm and inviting feel. Overall, Harvest Bistro provided us with an excellent evening of food, drink, atmosphere and live entertainment- definitely a special place and worth a visit any time. We HIGHLY recommend it and will definitely be back.

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  1. Wow - sounds like you had a great evening. We went to Harvest Bistro about a year ago for birthday brunch for my mother (party of 10) and were treated so rudely I vowed never to go back. That said, the food was quite delicious. Sounds like maybe we should give them another chance.

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      I'm with sweetpotopie...the last time i went to harvest, it was the WORST 200 bucks i've ever spent...even it's name pisses me off.."harvest," as it seeks to evoke the fields of the farm next door to which there is NO affiliation...I find the whole set up a farce.