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Nov 24, 2007 04:11 PM

Seattle Wine Stores

Hi There,

I'm looking for the best Seattle Wine Stores. Looking for more high end wines than "deals" or "everyday wines". If you could help me find some, it would be much appreciated.

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  1. Cancuk, Esquin on Fourth Avenue has an outstanding selection and a knowledgable staff. They also have some fabulous winners at modest price points. For some true hind end finds, check the Wine Outlet on First Avenue. The majority of the shop is inexpensive finds, but their high ends are outstanding including a rare Osoyoos Larose 2003 (normally not available in the states).

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      Wine Outlet has a 2nd store now which carries some different selections as well, it's worth it to hit both locations.

      And I completely agree about that Osoyoos Larose, it's a knockout.

    2. I like Pete's in Eastlake. They have a pretty impressive selection of high end wines packed into a surprisingly small space. I've read here that the Bellevue store is even better but I haven't ventured there yet.

      1. In addition to the places mentioned above, you might find a few more ideas here:

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          If you happen to be on Queen Anne, McCarthy & Schiering are terrific, good advice, quality and have helped me find some unusual requests.

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            plus, they are next to A&J Meats (name may be off?). But great eggs, really fresh.

        2. The Vineyard on Greenlake and 83rd. It's a small store and focused on "Old World" wine, but he has CA/OR/WA wines, as well. I once asked Patrick if a particular wine was any good, he responded "All the wines here are good - if I don't like them, I don't sell them." Can't argue with that - especially coming from someone with good taste.

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            And Patrick worked at Esquin before starting his own place. The Vineyard is our favorite for wine value at all price points. We also like Pete's and the Spanish Table near the market. Catherine, the ST wine manager, is a gem.

            You might also try out of Portland. They do much of their business over the Internet and we purchase wines from them several times a month. No one writes a better wine newsletter, from our vantage, than storyteller and owner, Michael Alberty.

          2. Downtown Seattle there is Seattle Cellars. They also have pleasant wine tastings and many bargains