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Nov 24, 2007 02:58 PM

Indian food in the NW burbs?

I'm interested in delving into Indian food, but don't know where to begin. . . I've eaten at Hot Wok in Hoffman and really enjoyed it. There's so many in Schaumburg! Maybe someplace with Indian and Chinese, which seems to be fairly common. Maybe a good buffet so I can sample a lot of different items? I'm in the Algonquin area, but I only know of one out here..

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  1. India House in Buffalo Grove has a decent lunch buffet. I've only had dinner there, not lunch, but my sister says it's good.

    1. The India Curry House in Algonquin is really great. They have a lunch buffet six days a week.

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        Thanks, I've been wondering about India Curry House. I think when they first opened they had different owners but I've heard they really turned the place around. Lunch buffet on the weekend, sweet!

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          The naan they make is some of the best that I've had.

          Totally great experiences eating there--the only caveat I have to offer is that the spice level isn't reliable. That's fine with me--I love hot,spicy things --but if you don't, just be careful. The dal can be way, way hot but there's plenty of raita so you'll be OK. :)

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            Went to India Curry house for the lunch buffet. It was divine. My dabble into Indian food and we loved every minute of it. The naan is wonderful, as was the tandoori chicken. Thanks!! Gaylord's is next..

      2. India Curry House is good, and has improved a lot lately. My choice for Sunday lunch buffet is Gaylord on Mall Drive which is one of the exits from Woodfield Mall on to Higgins. Very good consistent food with a tremendous variety. I live in Algonquin as well and it is only a 20 minute drive on a Sunday. Try it you will enjoy it.

        1. Indian Garden has a location on SE corner of Plum Grove and Schaumburg Rds. Under new management. Seemed to have moderately better service from previous owners.

          1. Also, Milan Chat on Golf just west of Higgins. Longer than expected wait but a pretty solid takeout option.