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Nov 24, 2007 02:56 PM

Aberdeen - The best chinese food in Westchester

We had such a good meal at Aberdeen in White Plains today that I can't resist posting this.

Salt and Pepper Squid came out piping hot, with the squid suprisingly tender, The coating was light and crispy and the dish came on a bed on sliced hot pepper, scallion and puffed rice noodle. Seafood shu mai were served with a hot chili oil/paste and were very tasty.

Our main courses were cripsy chicken with garlic, which I recommend highly . We also enjoyed clams with black bean sauce and baby bok choy with garlic sauce.

When you first are seated, Aberdeen sometimes forgets to bring non-Chinese their dish of pickled radish and seaweed. It's like the pickle and cole slaw of the old NY delis. If they forget, ask for it.

We are lucky to have Aberdeen, saving us the drive to Manhattan or Queens for the real deal.


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