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Best Wings in Edmonton?

Looking for suggestions on where to go for a good order of wings. Hate to be picky on location, but any response near Whyte Ave. will be way more useful to me - what good are wings if you can't wash 'em down with a frosty pitcher of beer? Hence the interest in places within walking distance ;)

Specific question: the Backdraught on 99th St. and Whyte looks pretty divy. Does anybody know if they have wings or any food at all? Ditto H2O Lounge, in the plaza on Whyte right near 99th that also has the Alternative Video store in it.

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. egon 61:

    I usually give Whyte Ave a wide berth so cannot help you there.

    I enjoy the wings at Sherlock Holmes on Rice Howard Way [Tuesday they feature them at a reduced price]

    My current favourites are quite a distance from Whyte, the ones at CHOP off Stony Plain Road, just east of 178th street adjacent to the Sandman Inn.

    Not cheap. Quite large served on a stainless steel skewer with very good sauces. The blue cheese dipping sauce if you order the hot ones are like the dressing for their standard salads, very much blue cheese with large chunks throughout.

    My better half prefers the bourbon ones. Quite messy, a tad too sweet for me.

    They were even better when they opened and they were roasted/grilled rather than deep fried but apparently more people prefer the latter....what do they know? [smile]

    What about the Elephant and Castle past the Strath? Have not tried their wings but I expect they serve them like most pubs. Let us know if you find some to like.

    1. Globe on 109th has good wings. They really go for the variety angle (dozens of different wings) and most that I've had were pretty solid. Very cheap on Wednesdays. It's not a long walk from Whyte; only a few blocks from the High Level.

      1. Hudsons at oliver square has decent wings and okay beer on tap. Why not try hudsons on whyte?

        1. I used to try and frequent many "wing special" nights, and maybe it's just me but I find wings are one of the hardest items relating to established consistency. Some nights you can find delicious, juicy wings only to return to the same place next week and be depressed when they are little dried out flappers. Maybe because there are so many variables - what got delivered that week, how busy the specific night is, which cook is coating and on and on. It can seem like an endless search.

          I digress, and I realize it's not Whyte, but I have enjoyed the ginger citrus wings at Chili's on the south side (34ave) for quite a while. Not to say they don't have bad days as well. I've never tried the Chili's on Whyte for their wings, but maybe it's worth a go.

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            I agree about the inconsistency almost any establishment seems to have week to week. I think Hudson's wings are pretty good, but if you are looking for discounts head elsewhere. You are limited to 10 discount wings per drink. If you don't mind paying full price I think this is your best bet near Whyte.

            It's not on Whyte, but I like some of the wings at On The Rocks towards the west end of Jasper. I think their hot wings are good, as are the dry ones (pepper, lemon pepper). I got the honey garlic and they were drowning in a mediocre sauce, so depending on your flavour preferences this might be a good choice.

          2. www.hotwings.ca has brewster's on 111 street as #1 for Edmonton... their list is a bit sparse for eddy... what gives? they have a huge showing in calgary - maybe they're working their way north? anyway - I've had the wings at Brewster and they've been consistently good so far (RE: raidar's comment). brewsters also bodes well with my hockey team - so that's 15 votes in one.

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              I think Brewsters food has gone downhill significantly esp Brewsters on 111 st. At least it was when we went there at the end of summer.

              Outbacks has wing night on Wed and Montana's has a wings nite on Monday.

                1. re: Bryn

                  Which one ? Brewsters on 23 ave... Outbacks south and Montanas south common.

                  1. re: sleepycat

                    There is your problem. The one in oliver square is better. Please note that I did not say it was high cuisine, just better. It is good if you want some junk food and good beer.

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                      Brewster's in Oliver Square is good if you want three quarters of a beer. They consistently underpour their already scant pints. I used to complain every time, and I just stopped going when I was ignored.

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                        That sucks. No one ever does that with me when I'm there. I'd raise hell though, especially if they ignored me about it because their menu (i think) specifies ounces in each serving.

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                      OK I know I said Outbacks has really great wings. Is the labor shortage still with us? Apparently today the wings on Wing Night Outbacks were baddddd. Soggy and uncooked on the inside. However on the bright side, the server was very helpful. I asked if I ordered another one would they be the same and he said he would make sure they were extra crispy and have the manager do something about the first plate. The second plate came out perfect and the manager comped the first plate even though I did not ask them for that. I pointed out that perhaps their oil was not hot enough as the it was extra oily. At the end they also included a 2 for one lunch card. Nice recovery Outbacks!

              1. Try Smoky Joe's (151 St & Stony Plain Road) for great wings. They are more of a dry wing with spices crusted on, rather than being smeared with sauce. I think they may be broiled/BBQ'd rather than deep fried. At any rate they are outstanding. The ribs there are awesome too.

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                  I've had the ribs (both pork and beef) from Smoky Joe's and am a huge fan. Will have to try the wings next time. The place isn't haute cuisine, but the staff are super and the food is awesome.