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Nov 24, 2007 02:32 PM

dinner tonight?

I don't know where to go for dinner tonight. I am picking up a friend from the Burbank airport so the valley would be great, or maybe somewhere on the westside, but nothing past Santa Monica.

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  1. Any particular price point you prefer?

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    1. re: Servorg

      i don't really care. not $100 without drinks a person, I am assuming that anything at that price is probably booked anyways, but I will take any suggestions I can get.

      1. re: gingerfoxgus

        Your timing might be right (plus these long holiday weekends tend to make it easier to get in to places on a Sat. night you would never ordinarily have a chance on such short notice) to get a cancellation some place like Max on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. If you like Japanese then give Asanebo in Studio City a call. They have both wonderful sushi and cooked dishes.

        11941 Ventura Blvd
        Studio City, CA 91604-2607
        Phone: (818) 760-3348

    2. I have suggested to others:
      LOVE this place. Call ahead for reservations!!

      1. maybe too late now, but agree with sushi (i'd go tama).

        i also love ca del sole and they might be able to take you, given as mentioned, it is a holiday out of town weekend.

        could also do minibar for tapas.

        near the airport, you've got caioti on tujunga and vitello across the street from there.

        could also hit up il tiramisu on ventura and woodman.