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Nov 24, 2007 02:16 PM

Feast Or Famine in Warren RI

We went to Warren today to meet friends. The Xmas Stroll was lovely albeit cold. Had lunch at Feast or Famine. The salads were lovely but the pizza was amazing.

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  1. Reading this I realize -- I have never been to Warren! Sounds like it might be worth the trip for the pizza alone -- thick crust or thin?

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    1. re: foxy fairy

      thin wood grilled good wafer crisp ok now i want one of their pizzas! they have some really good and imaganitive combos too. the east bay has some really good places to go to,bristol is a foodies dream,just dont tell everyone,thanks.

      1. re: foxy fairy

        it was pretty one was in there..we almost walked was thin crispy smokey, delish....

        1. re: luci

          i think they changed ownership or something,for awhile there they were getting really bad.slow service,etc,but it seems like they are back on track now.lets hope they can get back the people in there again.and keep making those great pizzas too.

          1. re: im hungry

            The one in North Providence has gone downhill as well.

            1. re: Frobisher

              The one in Cranston is quite good, but I haven't been there often enough to know if the service is reliable. The pizza is very tasty though, and the one time I got a salad it was very fresh.

              1. re: Frobisher

                I found their website:

                I wish the Mineral Spring Ave location would still be good, b/c it's just a hop*skip from my house. Hmmm. Is it the service or the actual food?

                1. re: foxy fairy

                  it seems like most of the probs have been cleared up at the f or f in warren ,dont really know bout the other locations though.last time we went{within 2 weeks} it was pretty great ,no slow service,really good pizza,everything was time we want that yummy thin crust pie,were going kinda stuck on that thick, rhode island style,rectangular pizza right now though.Sams in bristol is the king of this style of pizza,cavilieris is pretty awesone too.the weiner pizza is a classic !!!

        2. I've posted about Feast or Famine before - How we used to go once a week then it got so awful we stopped. Have been back and it does seem to have gotten better again. Think there is a member of the owner's family on site now keeping an eye on things. Service is better and food seems to arrive in less time than when it had hit the skids. I feel bad for hard working owners who can't weem to find staff capable of maintaing standards when "the cats away" but I guess that is the nature of the business. Hope the new trend continues!

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          1. re: bustopher

            This is good to know - we gave up on them too because it had gotten so dreadful. Now that I hear this maybe it's time for another try.

            1. re: anadandy

              Just wanted to follow up on the Feast or Famine, particularly the one in Cranston. I spoke with the owner and he said the one in N. Prov is primarily take out. We've been going regularly to the Cranston location (my six year old has decided it's his very favorite pizza in the entire world) and getting delivery from there, and I have to say in-house is FAR better. I think it's endemic of the thin-crust pizza; it doesn't hold up well in a box.

              The service has always been fine, and the food has always been pretty good to great as well. Their rolled eggplant appetizer is amazing. Unfortunately, last night I got their veal, and it was practically inedible. Cutlets were ridiculously thick and they chewed like rubber. I've never had veal so awful in my life. That being said, we'll still go back for their yummy pizza and eggplant. It may be a hit-or-miss situation with the food. But the service is always very prompt and friendly.

              FYI, all the Feast or Famine's in RI have the same owner.