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Nov 24, 2007 02:12 PM

your twist on Krispie Treats, please

What do you do to gussie up these old 1950's "cookies"?

Are they worth using high quality ingredients on?

(I love treats made with commercial breakfast cereals!)

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  1. I had some Krispie treats recently that were made with lots of butter -- after enjoying their rich, butteriness, I would say that yes, quality of ingredients makes a noticeable difference. I've made a similar cookie using golden graham cereal and chocolate to make "smores":,1710,... I haven't made in it a while, but when I did, it was a huge hit.

    1. I was just thinking they might be good made with brown butter ...

      1. My kids make it with Koala Crisps so it's chocolatey and it's better for them since it's brown rice. They taste good and are somewhat better for them.

        1. add a splash of cream sherry

          1. Peanut butter or craisins and always use butter. AND, chocolate jimmies or sprinkles on top!