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Nov 24, 2007 01:02 PM

1997 Beringer Cabs

Hi. I have a bottle of a Founders Estate and a bottle of Knights Valley, neither of which I know anything about. The only thing I can say is I think they've been fairly properly stored as they've been in my basement. Any ideas - are they anything special, drink now, make vinegar??? Thanks.

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  1. I finished the last of my '97 Knight's Valley, not that long ago. It was still going strong, though possibly slightly past its peak. I was even surprised, when I found a btl. of the '98 KV (meant to drink all those young), and even it was still in good condition. Knight's Valley is usually a solid Cab - not great, but at the price, well worth the $.

    Now, the Founder's Estate is more of a mass-market Cab, and I've not been impressed with any, that I have tried (usually at events). Though less expensive, than the KV, I have never considered it to be worth the $. Even with '97 being a really good year for many Cabs, in CA, I rather doubt that this one has held up - seat-o-the-pants guess there. It'll still be drinkable (provided that your storage is as good, as you say), but will probably seem thin, dilute and flat, compared to the KV.

    Were they my wines, I'd pop the FE with some good friends, at a casual gathering, and have the KV as the backup. I think you'll reach for it, sooner, than you might have planned. I nearly always gather a few wino friends, when I "find" something, that should have been consumed years before. They take it in good spirits, knowing that there WILL be backups available.


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      Thanks Bill, I think I will do exactly as you recommend!