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Nov 24, 2007 01:02 PM

Alsatian Cuisine?

I'm trying to learn everything I can on the topic, does anyone have resources or a particular book that would help me out?


Clark Kennedy-Paesler

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  1. France: The Beautiful Cookbook

    1. Madeleine Kamman has a chapter in her "When French Women Cook" that is wonderful.

      1. You might also want to read everything you can on Hubert Keller. He is Alsatian and mentions it on his show.

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          Jean Joho is also another notable Alsatian chef in the US whose cooking is worth examining.

        2. Here's a book I thought about buying but never did: The Patissier: Recipes and Conversations from Alsace, France. Despite the title, it covers more than pastry.

          1. "The Cuisine of Alsace," by Pierre Gaertner and Robert Frédérick. 1st US edition 1981, Barron's Educational Series, ISBN 0-8120-5403-2. Beautiful book and jacket design by Milton Glaser's firm. I see it frequently in cookbook collections in antique malls and used-book shops; I imagine you could find it online. I paid $12 for my copy. Besides the very convenient one-recipe-per-page layout, there's a good introduction to the history of the region and the cuisine, and chapters on the wines, beers, eaux-de-vie and cheeses. Very nice book.