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Nov 24, 2007 01:01 PM

Three Forks

Surprisingly, no one has reviewed this place. We went their last night, SWMBO, my son and his lovely wife person. The three of them had been there before and thought highly of it, thus a return visit. SWMBO, opted for the Chilean Sea Bass, which I knew would be a mistake, and I got the 8 oz. FM. The place is interesting is that service is top notch. Everyone is well rehearsed, including Toni our waitress, and knows their stuff. I think the biggget draw is the sides that come with your dinner. The meat eaters got some seasoned mashed potatos with brown gravy. Everyone got their whole kernal creamed corn. Both were very good. In addition the waitstaff comes aroulnd with a large platter of little green onions, scallions to some of you people, and sliced tomatoes and gives you some of these. The bread was fresh and warm and good. My wife's CSB was average. It appeared to be slightly overcooked and not partiicularly flavorful. That , imho, is in part because I think CSB is not a very tasty fish to start with. My FM was cooked perfectly. (When they bring your steak to your table they ask you to slice into it to check if it cooked to your preference). The meat itself was not as tasty as I had expected. It had a strange taste I could not identlify, at times tasted like freezer burn, and at times had a soft, pasty consistency that I associate with meat tenderizer. Our dessert was a delicous bread pudding with a big scoop of ice cream on top and a caramel pecan sauce.. They servied Qupe syrah by the glass, my favorite, and sold us a bottle for the price of four glasses, which was okay by me.

Our watiress, Toni, was a wisp of a girl, probably from Round Rock or someplace nearby but she was congenial;, took my teasing and questions in stride and knew her stuff. She had been taught, rehearsed and was accomplished at what she was doing. Hooray for her.Will I go back?. Maybe if the family really pushes for it. Not for the meat but for the experience and the sides, dessert, drinks ( they made a pretty good Negroni although the bartender didn't know what it was.)

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  1. Sorry to hear your meal was less than stellar.

    This place has been talked about quite a bit here, but you have to search as "III Forks". Here's one thread in particular:

    1. "Toni was...probably from Round Rock or someplace nearby..."
      What does this mean?!?

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        Yes, that was a head-scratcher for me, too. Does that mean that she is somehow green or not urbane enough to be serving in a higher-end "Texas-French" concept? Did her suburban vibe undermine the experience or deliciousness of the meal? The qualifier "but she was congenial" suggests to me that being from Round Rock is somehow unacceptable in the rhetorical space of the upscale chain steakhouse.

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          Yes, please enlight us as to what "Round Rock" has to do with the skills of this waitress.

          1. re: tokyomonamour

            FM = Filet Mignon

            SWMBO (pronounced swimbo) = She Who Must Be Obeyed.

            Can't help you with the RR thing, which left me perplexed also.

        2. we made a reservation last february; i believe it was for a saturday at 9pm. got there at 9, were told to wait in the bar area... it was packed and there were so many people around the bar you couldn't get in to order a drink. stood around for over 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get a drink and watching other people come in and get seated in front of us. reminded the hostess a couple of times about our 9pm reservation... "yes, we'll have you seated shortly." we left about 9:40, starving. i will NEVER go back there.

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            I was there about two weeks ago and the food was amazing! Steaks cooked perfectly all around. The wait staff was very educated and helpful, I would definitely listen to their recommendations. I was there on a Thursday night, we had reservations but I don't think you'd need them on a weekday.

          2. "...and at times had a soft, pasty consistency that I associate with meat tenderizer."

            Perhaps they Jaccard the meat? (Jaccard is a certain type of tenderizing hardware...)

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            1. re: AustinBear

              ''strange taste' and 'soft consistency' could possibly have been related to an excess with a dry-aging process, or the diner was not used to the taste of dry-aging. Their website doesn't say if they are dry-aged or wet-aged, or give a time period for aging, only that the steaks are USDA Prime