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Nov 24, 2007 12:47 PM

Driving from Chi-Town to MSP... Any chow worthy spots?

I am driving from Chi-town to MSP right after christmas, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about chow worthy spots on the way, or that would be only slight detours (or, as I like to say, culinary adventures)

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      If you're going to be in New Glarus, WI, you should check out the Glarner Stube for authentic Rosti and other Swiss delights. Also, a trip to nearby Monroe is a must to have a limburger-braunschweiger sandwich at Baumgartner's on the town square. (The nation's only limburger factory is nearby.) Also, check out the Wisconsin Beer, Wine, Cheese map if you're looking for some interesting side trips:

    2. I've done this drive countless times and can say that the only detour I've found so far that I've felt was really worth it chow-wise was visiting New Glarus, WI to buy beer from the New Glarus Brewery. They make great beer in general, but I especially like their cherry beer that comes in a 750 ml (I think) bottle and is good as an appertif or nice drink after dinner in lieu of dessert, and I am not usually fond of fruit beers. I use to find it in Illinois when I lived there, but now for some reason you can't get New Glarus products in IL, so this is a good way to stock up or get a sampler. You can tour the brewery, which takes about 10 minutes since it is self-guided.

      (I really look forward to hearing other responses, as I do this drive at least 3 times a year!)

      1. If you're interested in stopping in Madison, which is on the way, I've found two comprehensive discussions on Madison food here:

        Mount Horeb is 20 miles southwest of Madison, not too far out of the way if you feel the urge to stop and check out the Mustard Museum. http://mustardmuseum.org

        1. Thank you for your help. If people have any other suggestions, I would really like to hear them.

          1. The Norske Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin! The pies are legendary and the ambiance is genuine small town Midwestern. I think the sour cream raisin pie is a constant blue ribbon winner, though I personally prefer fruit pies. The chow-fiance recommends a classic Wisconsin Friday night fish fry. We aren't experts at good places for that, though I suspect others might know...

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              I forgot I'd been to Norske Nooke. It's true: the pie is really good!