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Nov 24, 2007 12:29 PM

Puerto Vallarta - New Years Eve 2008


We are looking for an elegant, yet festive dinner place to ring in New Years Eve 2008 in Puerto Vallarta. (We are couples in our late 20’s-early 30’s) We are not fans of DJ's who play club music. We would like a more authentic Mexican feel, possibly with live music…guitar, salsa, anything festive and GREAT FOOD. We are not that concerned with price.

We are staying at The Westin, but tend to avoid hotel celebrations...we did the Westin New Years Eve bash is Cabo last year and it was AWFUL! Think bad buffet and really bad music….I think they did the electric slide….

Any help would be most appreciated....THANKS!

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  1. Hey,

    I highly recommend Cafe des Artistes.....beautiful setting with fantastic food!!! Great wine selection. You could also check out La Palapa which is located down on the beach. You can Google both restaurants to get the menus.

    Hope that helps.

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      I agree with tjs677. <--choba choba.
      Cafe des Artistes is a beautiful setting with great food.
      I went to Puerto Vallarta years back with someone i loved very much---twice.
      Good memories. And tho we lost touch:
      I still think about 'em (and Puerto Vallarta) sometimes, and I smile.

      Hope you had a Nice trip mmt.


    2. Without a doubt, La Palapa is where you want to be. You will be able to view the fireworks over the bay (beach front elegant dining = dress up but go bare foot!). Plus the nearby Olas Altas street closes to traffic later that night and basically is a street party. Cafe des Artistes is good, very shee-shee, and $!$!$!$!. Granted, anywhere in PV on New Year's will be a bit more pricey. make reservations at their web site.

      1. I highly recommend either Lapalapa right on the beach in old town. They have a set menu for NY Eve and you can book online...think it is around $150/per person or Vista Grill up on the hill overlooking the city (also can be booked on line) both. Having said that, I have spent the last 10 New Years Eve's in PV and the fireworks at midnight are really something else. They go right around the entire bay...from resorts, public, private homes, etc. and last about 45 minutes....the better view would be from the Vista Grill as you would see the whole bay. Your BIGGEST PROBLEM is going to be getting a taxi to take you back to the Westin after the fireworks. You must understand that many of the major streets are closed down, parties everywhere and it is VERY DIFFICULT to get a taxi to take you that far at that time of night. We stay in Old Town (right near Lapalapa) and had friends come for NY Eve a few yrs ago and it took them 4 hours to get a taxi back to Paradise Village in Neuvo Vallarta. My husband and the other husband tried bribing the taxi drivers, offering to pay ridiculous amounts of money and they still could not find anyone to take them. The police came in a p/u truck and took them around to all the local taxi stands and even the police could not convince any of them to take the trip. They finally gave up and just got into a taxi and lied about where they were going until the cab was well on it's way and finally got home after many hours and much stress that was a very sour note to end the nite on. You really can not imagine how crazy PV is on NY Eve. Thousands and thousands of people milling about everywhere...bands on the street and on and on. You may want to rethink simply staying at your resort for that night and venture into town on a "regular" night.

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          I gotta agree on Vista Grill having a great view, but otherwise the food is just okay and nowhere near worth the price.

          River Cafe is more centrally located (downtown along the river), with an excellent menu and great atmosphere.

          My choice (but I'm no longer a 20 or 30-something) would be Vista Grill's sibling restaurant in the Marina, Tikul (much better menu and food) and then a leisurely stroll back to the Westin for after-dinner drinks.

          However, you can't go wrong with the River Cafe.

          (I do love Cafe des Artistes, but it's a more reserved atmosphere - frankly, it's like being in a big-city restaurant in any metropolitan area, albeit with generally excellent food).

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            My beau and I will be at the River Cafe on NYears Eve. We are coming to see a Flamenco duo named Willie and Lobo who I've not yet seen, but my love has followed over hill and yonder. My first time in PV and looking forward to bumping into you all there! Look for two people in their mid 40's who look younger and are madly in love....that'll be us!

        2. If the fireworks are important then another alternative is Spiaggia which is an excellent restaurant/bar at the northern end of the PV beach
          You might also reconsider the Westin. In PV they have a beachfront restaurant Arrecifes (previously Nikki Beach) which has an excellent view of the fireworks. I was told that the New Years Eve price was 2300 Pesos. This would avoid the taxi problem that has been mentioned.
          One thing to consider is that temperatures have dropped significantly. I would expect that temperatures at midnight on the water would be pretty chilly.

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            You might also be interested in this information from another board.
            And info at

            The Rhythm's tour is actually provided by Vallarta Adventures, they own the right to Las Caletas and provide the tours there, anyone else is simply a re-seller of the tour, so best to buy direct through them, plus I do not think anyone else sells the New Years Eve tour through them.
            We really liked it both times we went and we did go with friends, at least 10 each time so it was a lot of fun. The food was really good both times as well. They had some snacks on the boat, drinks and music, then we went to Caletas and ate- buffet style but not bad at all- and lots of drinks available. Then they put on the Pre-Hispanic show and then everyone heads down to the beach for a big bon fire, music, dancing, champagne toast at midnight and such.
            We got back about 1:30 Am or so to the Maritime Terminal and finding a taxi was easy as they were coming back from dropping people off in the Marina.
            I've done it twice and would do it again:)